Fried faces high stakes as Thursday’s major debate approaches

Tallahassee, Florida — This week could make Nikki Fried’s governor campaign a success or failure.

On Thursday, Florida’s Agricultural Commissioner was the first and only major debate scheduled for two Democrats, with presumed leading candidate Charlie Crist, D-Fla. Face to face.

Fried lags behind most votes, funding and approvals, but wants to take advantage of solid performance.

“Charlie can get all the support he wants, but at the end of the day I got people,” Fried told us on Tuesday morning. “That’s important.”

Fried said she would be “accountable” to former Florida Governor Christo for her statement that she was in an inconsistent position on democratic priorities such as gay marriage and abortion. rice field. She suggested that voters couldn’t trust him to hold on to the party’s goals.

“Charlie has taken care of only one thing and one thing, and that’s himself and his career,” Fried said. “No matter what he says today, people won’t believe him because he said the exact opposite 15 years ago.”

Cristo’s campaign didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment on Fried’s latest rhetoric, according to political experts, but the attack alone wasn’t enough.

Dr. Susan McManus, an emeritus professor at the University of South Florida, thought it necessary to show the party that Fried could be involved in an important part of voters. This could make a difference when meeting with incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis in November.

“Positioning yourself as someone who can really reach important demographics that the Democrats haven’t done well these days,” MacManus said. “It would be especially young voters and young voters of color.”

Christ has so far spent much of his political embarrassment with an almost exclusive focus on the Republican governor.

While talking in Tampa about Tuesday’s education plan, Christos supported a new law that limits classroom racing discussions and bans guidance on sexual orientation and gender identity in third grade K-3. Blame.

“By injecting his radical right-wing politics into our children’s classroom, he brought politics to the classroom,” Christo said. “We will remove politics from the classroom.”

Meanwhile, Cristo campaign officials call his lead to Fried “untouchable.”Their latest Internal votingHeld at the end of last month, it showed that lawmakers had 55% of the votes. This includes leads between female voters and African-American voters. Fried food was sitting at 34%.

Cristo’s supporters also dropped out agricultural commissioners and urged Democrats to pool resources before meeting the governor.

“We need to make this primary quick and easy,” D-Orlando Rep. Anna Escamani told us last month. “Focus on becoming a very tough general.”

However, dropouts are unlikely to occur. Fried’s campaign states that as her name grows in recognition, she continues to grow and she has grassroots support.

“We may agree with today’s policy position,” Fried said. “But I certainly don’t trust Charlie, and the people of our state shouldn’t.”

NBC6 in Miami and Telemundo will co-sponsor Thursday Discussion.. It is expected to start at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time and last for an hour.

Fried faces high stakes as Thursday’s major debate approaches

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