Friends-themed cruises depart in 2022

Ah friendThemed cruise Departs in May next year.

Cruise on board Celebrity Equinox The ship takes 500 “enthusiastic fans” around the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean.

Is VoyageIs sold by the American travel agency Fana World Travel and will depart from May 15th to 22nd. Key West, Florida..

The ship will visit Grand Cayman and Cosmel in Mexico to provide guests and their friends with classic show-themed entertainment.

Guests can “immerse themselves in everything friendFrom dressing up as your favorite character event to testing your knowledge in trivia games, you can do a lot more.

The agenda is “Custom Entertainment and a wealth of fun along the way.”

“Eat like Joey, joking like Chandler, cook like Monica, shop like Rachel, do yoga like Phoebe, dig like Ross.” Cruise withfriends.net Say.

Cruise news friend Alumni association broadcast in May.

IndependentAdam White calls for a long-awaited reunionMeaningless and sometimes creepy, but mostly complete joy“.

Friends-themed cruises depart in 2022

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