Friendship Connection: Help Kids Fit!

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According to a survey, 15-20% of kindergarten students are socially rejected or banished by their peers. As many students study remotely during the pandemic, parents are worried that children already having problems with their peers may retreat. Learn what teachers and parents can do.

Donna Miller has a lot of experience as a mother. She is eight adoptive parents. Still, when her son Briden began attending school, she didn’t think he was miserable.

“A few months later, at a parent-teacher meeting, they were like he was crying every day,” Donna shared.

Briden was anxious and socially struggling when experts said it was important to development.

“There was a study showing that the social abilities of children in kindergarten schools are really good predictors of later life success,” said Dr. Karen Biaman, a clinical child psychologist at Penn State University. I explained.

Biaman says that when children have no social ties, isolation affects snowballing and can lead to more anxiety, anger, and behavioral problems. Bierman is studying the Friendship Connections Project, a program that pairs hard-working children with classmates.

“We carry out activities designed to help us manage our emotions and develop the skills we need to communicate more effectively in order to solve our problems.” Bierman said.

Outside the classroom, Bierman says parents can teach their children with effective communication. If they can’t handle their encounters well, don’t scold them. Role-playing interacts appropriately and looks for opportunities for children to develop interpersonal skills, such as scouts and clubs. After spending a year on the Friendship Connection, Donna noticed a change in her son. I am 12 years old now.

Even “Now, He said,” Oh, hey, hello, I know that there is a confidence that is as How are you? “. At least to start a conversation, “Donna said.

Make connections after elementary school.

Researchers surveyed students in schools in underprivileged areas of rural and urban Pennsylvania and found that children improved their social and interpersonal skills a year later. Professor Bierman states that the program is also used in schools in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Friendship Connection: Help Kids Fit!

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