From Operator to Supplier: A Fresh Perspective of the FSB Duo on Sports Betting and Igaming in the United States

Bob Akeletto (L) & Mike Van Elmen (R)

Omni-channel sportsbook supplier FSB This year we have made great strides in North America. At the heart of this growth is the newly promoted Vice President of Business Development. Mike Van Elmen And Vice President of Operations Bob Akeletto.. Both leave the main operator, End of 2020.. Here’s a story about how their experienced operators helped FSB strengthen its US product offerings.

SBCA: Since the decommissioning of PASPA in 2018, the two have played a key role for major operators in the sports betting industry and are now the major suppliers of FSB. Given this diverse experience, is it great to have an outlook on the current state of the US market?

BA: As more and more states legalize, I feel like we are moving into the second phase of market evolution after PASPA. As operators increasingly collaborate with major sports teams and media organizations, the online sports betting footprint is beginning to shift to mainstream American society. New York aims to be online in sports within the next few months, and new states are adopting igaming, so you can see things getting bigger.

MVE: Things are moving fast and it is clear that there are numerous opportunities for suppliers like us at FSB to offer comprehensive sports betting services in conjunction with full gaming capabilities. Despite the mature market, it is clear that some operators are still inadequate in service from their current suppliers. Therefore, when the contract renewal begins, the game will begin across the supplier sector. It remains a very exciting environment.

SBCA: How is the transition from operator to supplier progressing in this fast-paced US market?

BA: It certainly scratched the itch! On the work operator side, there were considerable challenges. Both Mike and I have encountered a lot of frustration with the legacy technology solutions we had to work with. Outdated and sometimes reused platforms, and limited sportsbooks, have added friction to everyday work. For us, overcoming these obstacles with our previous suppliers, we were able to add more value within the FSB when it comes to refining our products for the United States. The insights we bring to the organization are in good harmony with the ongoing work of delivering superior products in the United States. This is the product I am proud of.

MVE: Having that experience and perspective is very important to us, allowing us to empathize and understand what operators are looking for in a sports betting supplier. This credibility has been noted in the various sales cycles I’ve been involved with this year, and it’s rewarding. North America is a very important market for us, and Bob and I appreciate the input and influence in product development.

SBCA: Do you think your time as an operator really helped you both in your current role at the FSB?

BA: definitely. The experience gained in my previous job has allowed me to mostly market the operator’s voice internally to further enhance and decorate the product offering. FSB’s strategy in the United States has always been to adopt a second mover approach in the market, learn from the mistakes of the first wave and take advantage of its buyer’s remorse. It’s worth pointing out that I used the FSB platform in my previous role in 2017 and the evolution and enhancements since then are astounding. What we have now is a truly localized product that’s perfect for the needs of today’s US market, and we’ve sat on the other side of the table in our past lives, so we’re confident in it. I can tell.

MVE: Yes, the past of our operators is essential to our current role. Our CEO, Dave McDowell, sold this to us and empowered us. He knew we felt the frustration of that first wave from the operator’s point of view. Leverage the learning accumulated on the other side of the fence to help the FSB create world-class sportsbooks for the North American market. We are now in a position to adopt these legacy technology solutions, create empathy and guidance, and talk to operators who offer much more sophisticated alternatives.

SBCA: In the United States, what will operators require from their suppliers in 2022?

BA: Empowerment. Having worked on the operator side, I know how important control is. It is at the heart of the FSB’s ideology and aims to empower and enable partners so that they can enrich their end users. There are world-class sportsbooks that allow partners to manage proprietary trading assets and optimize margin and risk strategies through these tools. They can be responsible for the day-to-day transactions of specific sports and data feeds to help differentiate and improve their brand identity. Another area that always surprises the operators we speak to is the automated marketing toolkit. With this kit, partners can truly enrich the player’s experience with respect to CRM and bonuses, drive a clear and clear marketing strategy, and increase the operational efficiency of the organization. Automation is already an integral part of the platform, which is further enhanced with the exciting 2022 product roadmap.

Of course, empowerment is also essential for players, and being able to provide an integrated cross-channel experience to end users is essential to moving forward. Whether you’re using your phone at home or in an on-premises location, players understand that they want an experience that’s convenient for them. Omni-channel sportsbooks ensure that these players have the customer journey they need.

Finally, add entertainment to your mix. With its strong DFS roots in North America, operators not only incorporate key sports betting elements such as Bet Builder, but also cover loyalty and gamification, F2P capabilities, and chat forums for all-round entertainment. It is important to be able to provide the experience to the player. FSB recently partnered with providers Captain Up and Incentive Games to provide these experiences to platform partners. It’s clear that they make daily differences when it comes to acquiring, retaining, and engaging with end users.

MVE: In 2022, the standard will rise further, and I think convenience will be an important factor for me. It is well documented how important it was for operators after the abolition of PASPA to limit the number of legacy technology platforms initially introduced to the market. These solutions clearly impacted performance, increased complexity, and reduced reliability. FSB has its own single-view back office that provides partners with comprehensive access to all features and a 360-degree view of risk across multiple industries and channels. This is a big part of our weapon and is the key to growth in North America this year.

While listening to the market every day, I would like to add how important it is to have a platform that enables rapid deployment and technological scalability. Our technology is agile. This means you can quickly migrate and expand your operators while adapting to the regulatory frameworks of different states and jurisdictions. This is essential for businesses that want to adapt quickly to evolving market conditions and address current and future operational and regulatory challenges.

SBCA: 2021 felt like a crucial year for the FSB in North America. Do you agree with the evaluation?

BA: Yes, this year was a year of change. As a team, as we moved to 2022, we reached a critical mass in a way that supported sustainable growth. With hubs in Nevada and New Jersey, and sales offices in the Midwest, it is growing rapidly. Globally, we are on four different continents and the first WLA partners have begun operations in Central Europe. These are exciting times for next week’s SBC North America Summit.

MVE: At all. There are major partnerships in South Dakota ready to go live, and there are many other opportunities that are ready to be launched on the market within a few weeks across North America.

You will not be surprised by the positive reaction you receive in conversations with the operator. They understand that our world-class localized sportsbooks and casino, retail, platform and PAM support stack products are the real growth that enables technical and operational solutions of the 2020s. It’s clear that you’re doing it.

North America has tremendous opportunities. FSB’s latest proprietary technology is in line with our team’s operational experience in the United States and is in the best position to help operators increase their sports betting margins and compete at the top of the value chain. ..

SBCA: What are you planning at the SBC North America Summit?

BA: The Meadowlands are lined with strong teams. CEO Dave McDowell and CRO Ian Freeman will travel from the UK to introduce the product suite.

Since sports are what creates our collective heartbeat at the FSB, we have set up an exciting contest for representatives called Pick The Points. Players can win a trip that pays all costs for an NFL or English Premier League football match by correctly estimating the total number of points earned in the 13th week of the NFL in the same week as the SBC event. .. Come to booth 303 next to conference room 4 and play with us!

From Operator to Supplier: A Fresh Perspective of the FSB Duo on Sports Betting and Igaming in the United States

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