From players to pedigree, Chiefs beat Bucks in every way

Kansas City, Missouri – Patrick Mahomes outperformed Tom Brady as NFL’s best quarterback.

Tyrek Hill is a wide receiver and better than Mike Evans.

Travis Kelce against Rob Gronkowski is no longer a contest five years ago.

Based solely on attacks, Kansas City Chiefs have better heads and shoulders than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That’s not the only reason they won the Super Bowl on Sunday for the second year in a row.

Commanding all its talents was Andy Reid’s most illustrious and aggressive spirit of the league and was helped by his best aggressive coordinator at Eric Bieniemy. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuro has proven to be Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady’s kryptonite in big games. Even the Chiefs special team is more special.

“We had everyone’s best shots. Every shot was thrown at us. Those who throw cheap shots, those who want to fight us,” said chief wide receiver Sammy Watkins. .. “We have challenged the world. That is what makes us us. I think that’s why we make us the best team in the world.”


Among each of these reasons is that the chief is a favorite of the Buccaneers in sportsbooks by 3 1-2 points, and most of the money from the betting masses has landed in Kansas City.

Mahomes, who reigns as the Super Bowl MVP, has only improved since last season. It was apparent in the 12th week’s victory over the Buccaneers when he shredded his proud defensive front and aggressive britting plans. Mahomes finished the passcut with a 462-yard pass and three touchdowns with a 27-24 victory.

“We have a really good feeling about what we want to do and how we want to do it on match day,” Mahomes said. “And understand why things are called when you have so much communication. Your team.”

Freedom of Hill, Kerke, and other Chiefs playmakers is also pretty cool.

Kellen tied Shannon Sharpe and Kellen Winslow in a tight-end reception playoff record with 13 catches at 118 yards and 2 TDs in the AFC Championship Game. Hill set a 172-yard chief playoff record in the same game. Together, they are the first teammates in NFL history to receive at least 100 yards in consecutive postseason games.


Yes, the Buccaneers have one of the NFL’s best-run defenses and will regain the Vita Bear after a large defensive tackle was injured and unable to play in the 12th week of the game. But that shouldn’t have much of an impact on the chief. They used the ground game just to keep their defenses a bit honest and made 49 pass sprays for just 16 runs of the game.

“The group is playing at a very high level. I saw it by playing against Green Bay (in the NFC title game),” Reed said. “Our team is working hard to make sure it’s basically healthy and generally healthy. Put it firmly there.”

Speaking of Reed, the Kansas City offense mastermind is on his third Super Bowl trip as head coach. Bruce Alliance, Tampa Bay’s counterpart, participated in two big games as a coordinator in Pittsburgh, but never took charge of it.

Then there is the Chiefs’ defense, where critics prefer to consider their shortcomings. But in reality, the bunch of Spagnuro kept the Buccaneers to just 10 points until the fourth quarter of the meeting earlier this season. They have enough star power in all-professional safety Tyrann Mathieu, Pass Rasher Frank Clark and Defensive Harness Chris Jones.


When it comes to Spagunuro, he was the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants when he held down one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, Brady and the undefeated New England Patriots, to just 14 points.

“After all, it’s about which team has the best defense on the field, especially when it comes to the postseason,” Matthew said. “It’s about winning in 3rd place without letting other teams score 17 or 20 points. If we stay that way, we give ourselves the chance to win any big game. “

Nothing is bigger than the Super Bowl.


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From players to pedigree, Chiefs beat Bucks in every way

Source link From players to pedigree, Chiefs beat Bucks in every way

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