Fruity E-liquids: Know Some Of The Best Flavors

Mango or strawberry or grape? Oh hey, you are here. We were selecting the best fruity vape juice flavor for us. By the way, do you use vape juice? Are you looking for some delicious and exciting flavors for your vaporizers? Do you need some top help that can make your vaping experience heavenly soothing? Well, no worries because we are here to help you as always.

Today, we are discussing some of the best fruity flavors available in vape juices.

Flavors are one of the essential things that matter in vape juice. And it’s one of the things which fascinates vape juice users as, of course, flavors play a vital role in providing the users a heavenly experience. One of the best benefits of using vape juices is that vaping is the fastest way to experience the effects of anything you take. Whatever you ingest through vaping method goes directly to your lungs. What can be more wonderful than experiencing instant effects with the taste of pleasing flavors? If you go out to buy vape juices, you can see a whole different world full of vape juices.

There are so many kinds of flavors available in the market. Not just in markets, you can get countless varieties of vape juices online too, where you can get a lot of the best e-juice deals. We usually recommend fruity flavors as with them you can get the flavors of fresh fruits with their benefits. But with so many varieties available, how will you choose the best fruity flavor? The flavors which can fulfill your desires and satisfy you. Well, to help you get out of this trouble and provide you the best experience. We are here with our personally chosen list of some of the best fruity vape juice flavors. So, on that note, let’s begin-

What are these vape juices?

Okay, first things first. Do you know, exactly, what are these vape juices? No? Well then, we seriously need to discuss it. Because without knowing about it, we won’t be able to make a perfect choice. Of course, it’s necessary to understand what ingredients do vape juices have? What amount of flavors do they contain? Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss this.

Vape juice, or e-juice or e-liquid, is a liquid prepared to create vapors in different kinds of vaporizers. It’s available in a variety of several flavors and different nicotine concentrations. You can also get vape juices with zero nicotine content. Other than nicotine, vape juice contains food flavoring, propylene glycol (PG) or Vegetable glycerin (VG), and water. It primarily contains 90 percent PG or VG, and the rest 10 percent is food-grade flavors or nicotine.

Now, can you assume that just 10 percent of flavors can affect a whole vaping experience? Impressive, isn’t it? Do you know? A survey report states that vape juice flavors like fruit, mint, and menthol are seen as the most popular flavors among teens. Sixty percent of polled teens were recorded vaping with them. Huge, right? Not just this, some critics of vaping observed that the fruity and minty vape juice flavors are too much attractive for high school students. It is considered a big reason behind President Trump’s council’s formulated crackdown.

Now, you have got adequate knowledge of vape juices. So, without causing any delays, here we present our list of the top ten fruity vape juice flavors-

The best fruity vape juice flavors –

If you want to taste fruity vape juice flavors, we can get the hurray vibes because fruits are the heart of many vape juices. Thus, you can get a whole lot of wow fruit flavor in vape juice. It includes strawberry, watermelon, mango, guava, blueberry, apple, peach, pineapple, banana, grape, kiwi, and whatnot. You can also delight yourself with vape juices consisting of many yummy combinations of fruits. Here are our top picks-

  1. Dragon Banana Berry-

VaporFi has become a big name in the vape juice industry. In this premium liquid from VaporFi, you can enjoy the flavor of fresh bananas, dragon fruit, and berries. The price for the liquid varies from $16.95 to $17.95, depending on the concentration of nicotine in it.

2. Strawberry by Jam Monster-

Jam Monster has always tightly focused on its vape juices. Strawberry is one of the classic flavors. In this e-juice, you can surprise yourself with the deliciousness of strawberry changing with each puff you blow. Its cost for a 100ml bottle is $16.95.

 3. Hawaiian Pog-

Here, we present Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100. Delight yourself with this well-executed mixture of orange, guava, and pineapple. Naked 100 always brings e-juice you’ll never get bored of. The cost of its 60ml bottle is $17.95.

4. Shurb-

Jimmy the Juice Man always brings premium e-liquids to the market. In this e-liquid by Jimmy the Juice Man, you can get a rainbow sherbet of raspberry, orange, and lime. You will get a 60ml bottle of this at $25.99.

5. Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine-

In this vape juice by Pachamama, you get a taste of apple first, but the flavor of strawberry and nectarine will amaze you as it continues. It costs $13.95 for a 60ml bottle.

6. Boosted-

Boosted e-juice has boosted its sales with this “boosted” vape juice. You can go for it if you want the flavor of strawberry milkshake. You can get a 60ml of this for $22.99.

7. Philippine Mango-

Refresh yourself with this vape juice from Vape Chemist. It gives a flavor of recently cut, succulent mangoes. Its price varies according to the concentrations of nicotine.

8. Blue Raspberry-

This vape juice from VaporFi offers a bold flavor of sweet raspberries with notes of sourness. It contains 50-50 percent of PG and VG. Buy 30ml of this for $13.99.

9. Millennial-

Enjoy the yummy blend of blueberries, watermelon, pineapple in this e-liquid by VaporFi. The price for a 30ml bottle is $19.99.

 10. Yummy Strawberry-

This e-liquid by Naked 100 not just contain the flavor of fruit strawberry. But also of the strawberry gums and candies. You can get a 60ml bottle of popular liquid for $12.99.

So, these were some of the best fruity e-juices you can never get tired of (what can be more refreshing than fruits?) and that too at such reasonable prices. So, what are you waiting for? This season, buy yourself a fresh fruity flavor e-juice and keep reading.


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