Future Connections with Kevin Samuels in “Worst Day” Trailer (Video)

For culture! When it comes to promoting music, artists, especially rappers, take every step to promote their next piece of music. Recently, Nicki Minaj shocked the world by showing off her acting skills in her video “Do We Have A Problem” featuring Lil Baby.now future He’s jumping into his bag by collaborating with one of today’s most controversial celebrities, Kevin Samuels.

The future became a trend sooner after he dropped a trailer to co-star with Kevin for the next track, “The Worst Day.”Style conversation about Dating with his woman. Kevin asked, “How much do you think you spent on women last year?” I answered in the future. Every time I meet a beautiful woman, I have to be extravagant. I need to ruin them. “

Future elaborated on some of the gorgeous gifts and money he sprayed on women in his life. While sitting across from the coach, he mainly looked for women, bought designer goods, and broke the pattern of moving forward if a woman had an attachment to him. The roommate was surprised to see the two together and called both men “toxic.” One commented on Future spending: In a year “

Another comment commented, “One thing about Future, he doesn’t mind sharing bags.” The future is known for giving women AP watches in his life. In the past, one of his children’s mothers, Joie Chaves, was found bending the AP watch she gave her in 2019. Brittni, the mother of his other children, also posted a collection of watches on Instagram, including her AP and more. .. What do you think of your roommate, Future’s therapy session?

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Future Connections with Kevin Samuels in “Worst Day” Trailer (Video)

Source link Future Connections with Kevin Samuels in “Worst Day” Trailer (Video)

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