G-7 Summit 2021: Countries gather to promise 1 billion COVID vaccines to the world

Carvis Bay, England-Leaders of seven developed country groups promise to share at least one billion coronavirus shots with predicament countries around the world at the summit.

Vaccine sharing promises from US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are ready for a G-7 meeting in South West England. From COVID-19. “

“We will work with our global partners to help get the world out of this pandemic. The G-7 also includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Leaders also hope that the meeting at the resort in Carvis Bay will revitalize the global economy. After the Treasury minister reached an agreement a week ago, they will formally accept a global minimum tax of at least 15% on businesses on Friday. The minimum amount is to prevent businesses from evading taxes using tax havens or other means.

This represents a win for the Biden administration, which is proposing the world’s smallest tax as a payment method for infrastructure projects.

For Johnson, the G-7 Summit for the first time in two years (which was struck down by a pandemic last year) is an opportunity to envision the post-Brexit “Global Britain” as a medium-sized country with an extraordinary role in international affairs. It has been resolved.

This is also an opportunity to emphasize the bond between Britain and the United States. This is an alliance often referred to as a “special relationship,” but Johnson said he prefers to call it an “immortal relationship.”

The official summit business begins on Friday and includes customary formal greetings and socially distant group photos. The leaders will then meet with Queen Elizabeth II and other royalty at the Eden Project, a lush dome-shaped ecotourism site built on a former quarry.

G-7 leaders are facing pressure to outline their global vaccine sharing program, especially as supply imbalances are prominent around the world. The United States has a large stockpile of vaccines, and demand for vaccines has plummeted in recent weeks.

Biden said the United States will donate 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and previewed the collaborative efforts of developed countries to make vaccination widely available and quickly available. This commitment exceeded the 80 million doses Biden had already promised to donate by the end of June.

Johnson said the first 5 million UK doses will be shared in the coming weeks and the rest will be available the following year. He said he expects the G-7 to promise a total of 1 billion doses.

“I hope my fellow leaders will make a similar pledge at the G-7 Summit, vaccinate the world by the end of next year, and recover better from the coronavirus,” Johnson said in a statement. He and Biden both used it.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the US commitment and said Europe should do the same. He said France would share at least 30 million doses worldwide by the end of the year.

Biden predicted US doses and added that the overall involvement of the G-7 “strengthened” global immunization campaigns and that there were no restrictions on US doses.

The US promise is to purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer and donate to 92 low-income countries and the African Union through the global COVAX Alliance to provide the first stable supply of mRNA vaccines to the countries most in need. Is to do.

Biden said the doses manufactured in the United States will begin shipping in August and the target is to distribute 200 million units by the end of the year. The remaining 300 million doses will be shipped in the first half of 2022. .. Although no price tag has been released, the United States will now be COVAX’s largest vaccine provider in addition to the single largest funder with a $ 4 billion promise.

Humanitarian activists welcomed donations, but said the world needed more doses and wanted them to arrive sooner. Spectacular statements and promises were backed by a delivery timeline. You should start right away, according to your detailed plan.

“If there is a stop-start supply, or if all supplies are stored by the end of the year, making these vaccines actually available from the runway to low-income countries with highly vulnerable health systems is not possible. It’s very difficult, and in the hands of healthcare professionals, “said Lily Kaplani, UNICEF’s Head of COVID-19 Vaccine Advocacy.” We start in June and the course for the rest of the year. I want an ambitious, coordinated, time-limited commitment to draw. “

The global COVAX Alliance is delaying the launch of vaccination campaigns as wealthy countries lock billions of vaccines through direct contracts with pharmaceutical companies. The Alliance has distributed only 81 million doses to the world, and parts of the world, especially Africa, remain vaccine deserts.

So far, only France among the G-7 countries has begun shipping vaccines through COVAX, according to the Vaccine Alliance Gavi, one of the leaders in the initiative. France has delivered a total of 628,800 vaccines to seven African countries, about 30% of which was received by the former French colony of Senegal.

Biden said Thursday that some of the 80 million doses the United States had previously promised to donate-some of them outside of COVAX-have already been shipped. The United States is also in neighboring Mexico. And provided millions of vaccines to Canada.

According to officials, Mr Biden’s latest move was to ensure that a significant amount of manufacturing capacity remained open to wealthy countries. Just last month, the European Commission signed a contract to purchase up to 1.8 billion doses of Pfizer over the next two years. This is a significant portion of the company’s future production, but Brock reserves the right to donate a portion of its dose to COVAX.

White House officials said the expanded distribution program fits the theme Biden plans to devote frequently to his week in Europe.

China and Russia share their vaccines with some poorer countries, often with hidden straps. Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser to the United States, said Biden “to bring together democracies around the world and that democracy is the country that can provide the best solutions to people around the world. I want to show you. “


Miller reported from Washington and Laures from Falmouth, England. Danika Kirka, Associated Press writer in Falmouth, UK. Sylvie Kolbe in Paris. Jamie Keeten from Geneva. Jonathan Lemire from Plymouth, England contributed to this report.

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G-7 Summit 2021: Countries gather to promise 1 billion COVID vaccines to the world

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