Gadsden, Leon, Madison County Projects to Receive Federal Funding

Washington (WTXL) — Projects in the Gazden, Leon, and Madison counties will be funded by the US government.

Florida Democratic Party Rep. Al Lawson (FL-05) announced Thursday that nine projects in District 5 will receive a portion of over $ 18.5 million in funding from the federal government via HR8294.

The US House of Representatives voted on the bill on Wednesday.

“We are pleased to have this necessary funding for the residents of my district,” Lawson said in a statement. “All projects included in the Expenditure Act strengthen the community by investing in the lives of my members. I always advocate beneficial funding for families in my area.”

According to the news release Posted on Lawson Congress website:

  • $ 4 million for the Gretna Sewer Expansion (Gadsden County) project to expand sewerage capacity and commercial development in Gretna, Florida. We built a new sewer transmission system along State Highway 12 to create jobs for manufacturing, hospitality and technology.
  • $ 3,943,971 from Midway Septic to Sewerage Project (Gazden County), which transforms most of the housing development from septic tank systems to centralized sewerage collection and treatment systems. The project will serve approximately 128 households and reduce pollutants in Wakura Springs.
  • $ 1.2 million for the Teen Multipurpose Center (Gadsden County) project to acquire and restore buildings used by children aged 11-18 in Gadsden County. The center offers education and career programs, and teens have the opportunity to gain experience in workplace preparation, college preparation, scholarship support, and career exploration.
  • $ 1.6 million for a Veterans Memorial Drive (CR 59) Bridge Replacement (Leon County) project to replace the last rebuilt Pipe Arch Bridge in 1955. This bridge will be used for interstate commerce and hurricane evacuation. The failure of this bridge impedes travel from high tide areas and results in an 18-mile detour.
  • $ 500,000 for the Tallahassee Community College Commercial Vehicle Driving (CDL) Program Expansion (Leon County) project. Refurbish existing facilities and buy additional trucks to increase classroom space and students when the truck’s workforce is scarce.
  • $ 3 million for the Big Bend Impact Center and Capacity Second Harvest (Leon County) project to build a new 20,000-square-foot impact center and warehouse space. As the level of food insecurity is expected to increase over the next decade, additional capacity is needed to fill the dietary gaps in our region.
  • We will invest $ 110,000 in emergency repairs of wastewater facilities in Madison City (Madison County) to repair nearly 80 years old 1,000 linear feet of wastewater utilities under Range Avenue.
  • $ 3,452,972 for the Jacksonville Septic Tank Phase Abolition (Duval County) project. We will phase out broken septic tanks and connect homes to urban sewers in economically difficult areas, especially near waterways.
  • $ 750,000 for the 8th Street Complete Streets Improvements (Duval County) project to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety from Myrtle Avenue to Main Street in Jacksonville, Florida.

according to Clerk of the United States House of Representatives220 Democrats voted on the bill, 207 Republicans voted against the bill, and 4 Republicans (2 from West Virginia, 1 from Tennessee, 1 from Missouri) Did not vote for the bill.

Gadsden, Leon, Madison County Projects to Receive Federal Funding

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