Game of Thrones Trivia: Over 100 Questions to Quiz Die Hard Fans

Nevertheless “Game of Thrones” It hasn’t been aired for almost three years, but it’s still a major part of pop culture.In the plan At least one spin-off Two more planned books in George RR Martin’s book series are already underway, but more “Game of Thrones” will appear in the future. I don’t think the world of Westeros will soon disappear. And I can’t wait to see what’s next for this vast universe.

How much do you remember “Game of Thrones”? The epic show spanned dozens, dozens of important characters, years, continents, and twists and turns that no one has ever seen. It’s almost impossible to remember all the details, but there are many memorable moments that I’m sure I haven’t forgotten. You may be good at remembering complex family trees, or you may be keeping an eye on the most iconic visuals. Whether you’re a serious fan or just want to have a little fun testing your knowledge, this “Game of Thrones” quiz is packed with lots of trivia quizzes to test your knowledge. Take a look at these questions to see if you’re as keen as Varis or “know nothing” like Jon Snow.

“Game of Thrones” Trivia

  • What is the most important “Game of Thrones” home? Targarien, Stark, Lanister, Arin, Tally, Grayjoy, Baratheon, Martell, Tyrell.
  • The previous “A Game of Thrones” books are listed in the order of “A Game of Thrones”, “A Clash of Kings”, “A Storm of Swords”, “A Feast for Crows”, and “A Dance with Dragons”. Please line up.
  • What is the name of the final planned “A Song of Ice and Fire” book? “The Winds of Winter” and “Spring Dreams”.
  • How many seasons are there in the “Game of Thrones”? 8.
  • What was the last season when you mainly used the story of the book in which the TV show was published? Season 5.
  • Number of Emmy Awards for winning the Game of Thrones In total? 59.
  • Who is the only cast member to win an Emmy for their role? Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister.
  • What is the name of the first part of “Game of Thrones”? “”Dragon house.. “
  • In what season can you do it Notorious Starbucks Cup Will you be found? Season 8.
  • What are the special metals that make up the most famous sword in Game of Thrones? Varilian steel.

House Stark Trivia

  • At the beginning of the series, How many children do Ned and Catlin Stark have? together? 5: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon.
  • Who is the first character in the series called “King of the North”? Rob Stark.
  • Are any Westerosi couples off-screen couples? Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte).
  • Which house did Cateryn belong to before marrying Ned? House tally.
  • What was the name of Nedstark’s sword? ice.
  • Did any cast members play Disney characters, and which characters did they play? Richard Madden played Prince Kit in the 2015 “Cinderella” remake.
  • What is the name of Aria’s Dire Wolf? Nimeria.
  • Who was Stark who witnessed the murder of Renley Ballatheon? Catlin.
  • What are the colors and symbols of House Stark? Gray, white, green, and dire wolf.
  • What is House Stark’s motto? “Winter is coming”
  • Who was Sansa Stark’s first fiancĂ©e? Joffrey Baratheon.
  • What kind of profession did Tarisa have when she met Rob? She is a healer.
  • What is John Snow’s real name?? Aegon.
  • Who was Rob Stark supposed to marry? She is one of Walder Frey’s daughters.
  • In what season is red wedding Will be done? Season 3.
  • What title does Sansa give at the end of the series? Queen of the North.
  • What did Rob and Tarisa want to name their son? Edard.
  • What is the fake name Arya uses when disguised as a boy? Ally.
  • Which Stark will die last on the screen? Recon.
  • Where will Arya go after the war is over? She sails to find something west of Westeros.
  • What is the name given to the illegitimate child in the north? snow.

House Lani Star Trivia

  • Whose court will Tyrion Lannister eventually join? Daenerys Targaryen.
  • Which Lanister Twins Are Older? Sasay.
  • Where are the seats in the Lannisters? Castary lock.
  • What are the colors and seals of the Lannisters? Red, gold, and a lion.
  • What does Tyrion do when Joffrey has another tantrum? Slap him.
  • Who did Selsey initially want to marry? Reger Targarien.
  • Why did Jaime kill “Mad King” Aeris? To prevent him from using wildfires to destroy King’s Landing.
  • What was the name of Jamie, Selsey, and Tyrion’s mother? Joanna.
  • What are the two swords made from Ned Stark’s former sword? It keeps the widow’s mourning and oath.
  • Who will mourn the widow? Joffrey, then Jaime.
  • Who will be the keeper of the oath? Brienne.
  • What is Prophecy feared by Selsey?? That other younger and more beautiful queen will take her place.
  • Who will kill Tywin Lannister? Tyrion.
  • What is the Lannister family motto? “Here My Lore”

Trivia of the House Targaryen

  • How does Daenerys hatch dragon eggs? At the funeral cremation.
  • Who was Lager’s First wife? Area Martell.
  • What is the motto of the House Targaryen? “Fire and blood.”
  • What is the name of the Denalis dragon? Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion
  • What are the colors and seals of the House Targaryen? Black and red, and a dragon.
  • Who will be executed with the melted gold? Viserys Targarien.
  • Which character calls Daenerys “Dany”? Viserys and Jon.
  • What is Denalis’s “native language”? Valyrian.
  • Which members of the Denalis Court will be recast in the middle of the series? Dario Naharis.
  • What did Daenerys plan to name her and Khal Drogo’s son? Lego.
  • Which dragon will be the wight? Viserion.
  • Which dragon does John ride? Legal.
  • Who will destroy the Iron Throne? A dragon’s fire exploded.

House roseon trivia

  • What are the colors and symbols of House Baratheon? Black, gold, and stag beetles.
  • How did Renley first meet Brian in Tars? He danced with her when no one was on the ball that came out of her.
  • Which language do Red Priests and Priestesses use? High Varilian.
  • What is the name given to the illegitimate child of the Crown Land? Waters.
  • What is House Baratheon’s motto? “We are angry.”
  • What kind of god does Stanis worship? Lord of light.
  • Who did Robert want to marry? Lanna Stark.
  • Who of Robert’s children was known to survive? Gendry.
  • What nickname does Renley have while seeking the throne? “King of the High Garden.”
  • How does Stanis kill Renley? The “shadow” reminiscent of Melisandre.
  • Who kills Stanis and why? Brienne, in battle, and in revenge for Renley’s murder.
  • Who first revealed to Gendry that he was Balatheon? Melisandre.
  • What is the birth order of the Baratheon brothers? Robert, Stanis, Renley.

House Tyrell Trivia

  • What are the colors and seals of House Tyrell? Green, gold, and roses.
  • What is Olena Tyrell’s nickname? Queen of thorns.
  • Who will Loras give a rose to in a joust? Sansa Stark.
  • What are the other famous literary characters played by Margaery Tyrell’s actress Natalie Dormer? Irene Adler.
  • What is the nickname for Loras? Knight of flowers.
  • Whose armor does Loras wear in the Battle of Blackwater? Renlies.
  • What is House Tyrell’s motto? “Growing strongly.”
  • How many kings or kings’ petitioners will Margery marry? 3: Renley, Joffrey, Tommen.
  • How does Margery get engaged to Joffrey? Loras seeks their engagement as a favor after his heroism at the Battle of Blackwater.
  • Who did Loras easily engage with? Sasay.
  • What does Olena reveal as her last word? That she was the one who poisoned Joffrey.
  • From whom did Olena get the poison? Peter Baelish.

House Gray Joy Trivia

  • Who tried to find the Kingdom of Iron Island? Barong Ray Joy.
  • What are the colors and symbols of House Gray Joy? Black, gold, and kraken.
  • Who does Theon consider to be his “brother”? Rob Stark.
  • What was the name of the Yulong ship? silence. “
  • What are the inhabitants of Iron Island called? Iron bone.
  • Why is Theon a Stark ward? To ensure the loyalty of House Gray Joy after their rebellion failed.
  • What is House Gray Joy’s motto? “Do not sow.”
  • What is the name of the Iron Island throne? Salt throne.
  • Who was Yulong going to marry? Sasay.
  • Who is House Gray Joy’s head at the end of the series? Yarra.
  • Who will Theon protect and die? Bran Stark.

House Martell Trivia

  • What is Martell’s daughter called? Sand snake.
  • What are the colors and seals of House Martell? Red, gold, orange, and a spear that penetrates the sun.
  • What title does the head of House Martell have? Prince of Dorn.
  • How did House Martell and Dorne join the seven kingdoms? Through political marriage.
  • What is House Martell’s motto? “Father’s soul, father’s soul, father’s soul”
  • What was Oberin’s nickname? Red viper.
  • How many daughters does Oberin have? 8.
  • What is the name given to Dorn’s illegitimate child? sand.
  • Who believed Oberin ordered the murder of his sister? Tywin Lannister.
  • Who is Tristan Martell engaged to? Mill Cera Rose Theon.

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Game of Thrones Trivia: Over 100 Questions to Quiz Die Hard Fans

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