Garland’s oath returns to the “normal” judiciary on day one

Washington – Attorney General Merrick Garland prioritizes regaining Attorney General’s reputation for political independence and ensuring equal justice after four years of turmoil under former President Donald Trump on Thursday I asked the career staff to guarantee that.

“The only way we can succeed and maintain the trust of the American people is to adhere to the norms that have become part of the DNA of all Judiciary employees,” Garland said of more than 115,000 people in the ministry. Said in the first speech to employees.

“We are all united by our commitment to the rule of law and our desire for equal justice under the law,” he said.

Welcome to the new Ministry of Justice. Probably a much more tame place after announcing a four-year headline under Donald Trump.

The former president claimed that his Attorney General and the entire department were personally loyal to him, damaging the department’s reputation for political independence. Former Attorney General William Barr pointed out that Trump’s obstruction of justice could not be exempted, but after giving Russia’s report from former Special Advisor Robert Swan Mueller in favor of the president, Trump’s Became a true celebrity below. Barr later moved to withdraw criminal charges against former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and sentenced him to another convicted Trump ally, Roger Stone, as recommended by his own prosecutor. Publicly overturned.


But even the bar has not reached the end of the Trump administration. He resigned in December, weeks after stating that there was no evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, inconsistent with Trump’s allegations of fraud.

On Thursday, Garland signaled in his first speech to staff — a formal 10-minute speech in the large hall of the Justice Department headquarters, effectively speaking to staff with about 30 people scattered in a large room. — The sector returns to normal tradition away from the political realm. President Joe Biden argued the same.

Garland may not participate in politics, but investigations and prosecutions stemming from an ongoing criminal tax audit against Biden’s son Hunter and thousands of riots at the US Capitol on January 6 Faced with some pressing political challenges, such as oversight of the United States. A Trump-backed riot raided the building and stopped proving election results.


The Justice Department is also continuing a federal investigation into foreign and commercial transactions between former New York City Mayor and Trump’s ally Rudy Giuliani, who were stalled last year in a dispute over investigative tactics after Trump sought re-election but failed. Apart from that, a special counsel’s investigation into the origin of the Russian investigation, which has obscured President Trump’s presidency for more than two years, is ongoing. Garland needs to decide how to handle it and what to publish.

But the country’s top law enforcement officers on Thursday prioritized ensuring that the department returned to prosecution norms and to confident its independence in its independence to serve justice. I vowed to work.


“These norms require similar cases to be treated in the same way,” he said. “There are no rules for Democrats and Republicans, rules for friends, rules for enemies, strong and helpless, rules for the rich and the poor, or different rules. Race or race. It depends on. “

An experienced judge, Garland held senior positions in the Justice Department decades ago. This included overseeing the prosecution of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which led to the execution of Timothy McVeigh. His experience of prosecuting domestic terrorist attacks can be of great value as the investigation into the parliamentary riots progresses.

“When I walked through the chief judge’s door this morning, I really felt like I was home,” Garland said, referring to the Justice Department headquarters.

Garland arrived on the first day after 9am and was greeted by dozens of staff in the courtyard of the headquarters. As he jumped out of the SUV, Garland hugged his wife, waved at the crowd, and stepped into the building, playing his predecessor, Attorney General Monty Wilkinson.


About 15 minutes later, he took an oath of office under the control of Deputy Prosecutor Lee Lofsus. A formal ceremonial oath with Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled for late Thursday.

His first briefing was expected to focus on the rebellion and the ongoing investigation by federal prosecutors. To date, about 300 people have been charged with federal crimes, including far-right militants allegedly involved in pre-planning and plots to attack law enforcement agencies in violation of the Capitol. Will be.

Garland will be briefed by FBI Secretary Christopher A. Wray and Chief Executive Officer of National Security, and will visit a US law firm to meet with the prosecutor who is trying the case.

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Garland’s oath returns to the “normal” judiciary on day one

Source link Garland’s oath returns to the “normal” judiciary on day one

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