Gary Owen refutes his estranged wife’s comments

Chile! Gary Owen He finally broke the silence. Gary was a guest on the Wendy Williams show, but Wendy kept him off the couch without getting an answer about what was happening with his estranged wife, Kenya Duke. Well, remember. Just last week, Kenya dragged Gary into a long Instagram post, and she called on Gary a lot about children and finances.

Kenya claimed that Gary hasn’t been billed since April and hasn’t seen the children for months. “You want about us, our relationship, and our children. I allowed my family, friends, and fans to tell false stories that I have or need, because I don’t feel the need to defend or explain myself, “writes Kenya. “You and I both know what it is! But when you make these stupid passive and aggressive posts with these insensitive A ** T-shirts, I’m triggered, You are paying my attention now.

It seems that Gary’s shirt had a worse impression than the boogie on the chest with “Bread winner” written on it. Now, Gary had time to clean the air on Tuesday! When Wendy asked Gary about her marriage to Kenya, she said she had been dating for 23 years and had been married for just over 17 years. Wendy said, “And You have a child, “added Gary, who quickly corrected her. “We have adults. We have adults. We just want to make sure we don’t have child support. No, the real reason is that it turns out that I’m a deadbeat dad. ..

Gary didn’t go into too much detail, according to lawyers, but he could spill tea about divorce in the future. He told Wendy that there was a big twist in his divorce that people didn’t know about. He couldn’t talk about it yet, but he said it changed the whole divorce dynamics, whatever it was.

Gary Owen refutes his estranged wife’s comments

Source link Gary Owen refutes his estranged wife’s comments

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