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Matt Gates Associates is working on a judicial deal with a federal prosecutor investigating sexual trafficking activities, escalating the legal and political risks facing Congressmen in Florida. There is a possibility.

Revelation that Gates’ political ally Joel Greenberg is seeking a plea bargain with investigators came at a hearing in a federal court in Orlando on Thursday. This is an important step in the case and shows that Greenberg could serve as a witness to Gates’ investigation by the Justice Department.

“I’m sure Matt Gaetz doesn’t feel very comfortable today,” Greenberg’s lawyer Fritz Scheller said after the hearing.

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Gates and Greenberg paid for a minor girl or offered a gift in exchange for sex. Gates denies the claim and insists that he will not resign from parliamentary seats.

When I called a member of parliament’s cell phone on Thursday, he was told that he wasn’t accepting calls at this time. He also did not respond to text messages.

When asked directly if Greenberg, a former local tax collector on the outskirts of Orlando, was working with a prosecutor in the Gates case, Scheller quoted lawyer / client privileges. But he said Greenberg’s cooperation was likely to depend on whether the prosecutor needed to make a judicial deal.

“If anyone signs a cooperation agreement, they need to work together,” Scheller told reporters outside the federal court in Orlando.

Scheller also refused to answer when asked if Greenberg had evidence of guilty against Gates.

“If Mr Greenberg accepts the judicial transaction, he will want to show his sense of remorse and acceptance of responsibility. He is in a unique position,” Scheller said. It was.

Greenberg’s legal problems began last summer when he was arrested for stalking his political opponents. According to a complaint in June last year, Greenberg sent a fake letter to his school signed by a non-existent “very worried student” who claimed that he had committed sexual misconduct with another student. I mailed it.

According to the indictment, in August last year Greenberg sexually trafficked a girl between the ages of 14 and 17 and used state databases to engage the girl with other “sugar daddy” relationships. He was charged with looking up information about people.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges. According to the indictment, an additional fee was added last month accusing Greenberg of embezzling $ 400,000 from the Seminole County Tax Office.

Greenberg was scheduled to be tried in Orlando in June.

Judge Gregory Presnell of the US District Court said Thursday that the trial would be postponed to July if Greenberg could not reach an agreement with the prosecutor by mid-next month.


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Gates Associates Working on a Judicial Deal with Prosecutors – NBC4 Washington

Source link Gates Associates Working on a Judicial Deal with Prosecutors – NBC4 Washington

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