Gaza construction workers find 31 Roman tombs

The big picture shows a newly discovered Roman cemetery in Beitrahia, northern Gaza Strip, including a ornately decorated tomb.

Hamas, the Islamic ruler of the Palestinian Territory, said construction workers at a construction site in northern Gaza had discovered 31 Roman tombs dating back to the first century AD.

The tomb was found near the town of Beitrahia when work began in an Egypt-funded residential area. This is part of Cairo’s $ 500 million reconstruction package after the 11-day war with Israel in May. Armed group In the Gaza Strip.

Naji Sirhan, an employee of the Gaza Ministry of Public Works, confirmed the discovery and said there was “evidence that there were other tombs” on the scene.

Construction work has been suspended and engineers from the ancient Ministry of Tourism of Gaza have been sent to the site to catalog tombstones and relics, officials said.

One engineer who demanded anonymity said the tomb was believed to be part of a cemetery leading to the Roman ruins near Barakiya.

This discovery is the latest in Gaza, and since Hamas hijacked the Strip in 2007, Israeli blockades have imposed restrictions on tourism to the ruins.

Israel and Egypt, which border Gaza, severely restrict access to poor areas of approximately 2.3 million Palestinians.

Last month, Hamas reopened the ruins of a 5th-century Byzantine church after years of restoration efforts supported by foreign donors.

Hamas: Bulldozer excavates Roman tombs in Gaza

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Quote: Construction workers in Gaza are 31 Roman tombs obtained from on February 21, 2022. (February 21, 2022) was discovered

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Gaza construction workers find 31 Roman tombs

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