Gen Z Venture Fund Raises $ 1.6 Million

A new graduate of San Diego State University, she majors in computer science and raises $ 1.6 million primarily through Twitter follow-up to invest in startups founded by a diverse group of undervalued people in the entrepreneurial world. Did.

Page Find Hearty, 22, raised money from an angel investor following her investment advice on social media. She co-founded Behind Genius Ventures and invested in what she calls the “Gen Z Fund” in four startups.

Unlike many students who don’t get a real job until they graduate, Doherty started working at Northrop Grumman at the age of 17. I worked first as an intern and then as a full-time employee. She played a variety of roles, from project management to technical writing to intern training groups.

But she decided to switch gear from technical to entrepreneurial. She participated in the university’s venture capital investment competition with a team of classmates.

Her team won the contest, and that experience prompted Doherty to study venture investment. She was scooped up by one of San Diego’s largest tech venture capital funds to work as an intern.

Through this experience, Doherty has been increasing his followers on Twitter. She asked viewers what they wanted to learn about investing and put together educational content. She currently has over 14,000 followers.

It was from this gathering of people that Doherty connected with the investors who issued the checks for the first fund through Behind Genius Ventures. The fund has invested in wellness technology and software development tool start-ups, among other areas. Doherty refused to disclose the company name.

According to Doherty, Genius Ventures defines undervalued founders as founders of secondary markets such as women, people of color, immigrants, LGTBQ +, and non-coastal cities.

Gen Z Venture Fund Raises $ 1.6 Million

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