GeoComply’s IDComply is fully licensed in New Jersey using Amelco and PlayUp.

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GeoComply Solutions Inc Has confirmed that IDComply, a KYC solution for the igaming industry, has been fully enhanced in New Jersey.Start in the state Amelco When PlayUp..

In addition to IDComply’s age and identity verification, the company provides Amelco with geolocation compliance for the PlayUp online sports betting platform. ID Comply’s license in New Jersey means that the product meets some of the strictest US requirements for KYC solutions.

IDComply provides operators with an all-in-one solution to handle KYC and digital identity verification, while delivering player acceptance with a compliant, fast, low-friction model.

NS New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Authority (DGE) requires not only KYC data validation, but also secondary forms of authentication, either Knowledge Base Authentication (KBA) or Digital Identity Authentication, to validate the account.

IDComply supports both of these secondary forms of authentication, optimizing the user experience and enabling all real players to get onboard quickly and easily.

PlayUp CEO Dr. Lyramintus Comment: “As a technology-first company, we wanted to make sure that regulatory approvals in New Jersey included the latest products from our technology partners, so leveraging GeoComply’s IDComply products is central to the process. was.

“By achieving this milestone in New Jersey, with some of the most stringent requirements and rigorous testing in any state, PlayUp has been able to continue to succeed in expanding into additional states in the United States. rice field.

“GeoComply’s proven KYC and geolocation compliance solutions, along with its experience and expertise, have had a significant impact on how quickly we can grow our business.”

GeoComply has developed IDComply in response to customer demands for an integrated solution that covers many of the compliance requirements beyond geolocation. By integrating age and identity verification with geolocation compliance, gaming companies can streamline their operations and manage both geolocation and KYC compliance from the same back office and API.

Game GeoComplyMD Lindsay Slader Note: “KYC and geolocation compliance are the two foundations of the gaming industry, and we are very pleased to help operators such as PlayUp obtain licenses for their products.

“DGE actually sets the standards for compliance in the United States, so licensing IDComply in New Jersey is a real achievement for us. Strict compliance management is critical to the integrity and success of the industry. I think. “

GeoComply’s IDComply is fully licensed in New Jersey using Amelco and PlayUp.

Source link GeoComply’s IDComply is fully licensed in New Jersey using Amelco and PlayUp.

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