George Floyd Trial: Derek Chauvin Proceedings Live Broadcast Begins Today in Minnesota

Minneapolis-Former Minneapolis police officer is tried on Monday for George Floyd’s death, and a jury can’t wait to see part of a bystander video of Derek Chauvin’s knees caught in Floyd’s neck. .. ..

The trial ABC News special coverage begins at 10am Eastern Standard Time / 7am Pacific Standard Time. You can watch the coverage live on the video player above.

Prosecutors haven’t said when to play the video, but legal experts are trying to remind the jury of the heart of their case, so perhaps even the prosecution’s opening statement is quick. I expect it.

Jeffrey Kramer, a former federal prosecutor and managing director at Berkeley, said, “If you’re a prosecutor, you want to get started. You want to build a discussion. In this case, there’s nothing like that video.” .. Chicago research group.

Floyd was declared dead after white Chauvin pressed his knees against Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes. Floyd’s “breathless” cry faded, and he was tired while he was handcuffed and lying on his belly. Chauvin has been charged with unintentional two-time murder, three-time murder, and manslaughter.

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Almost all juries selected during the two-week or longer interrogation said they had seen at least part of the video, and some admitted that they had at least some negative views of Chauvin. But they said they could put it aside.

The trial is expected to last about four weeks in court in downtown Minneapolis. The court is reinforced with concrete barriers, fences, and barbed razor wires. City and state leaders are determined to prevent repeated riots that would cause damage after Floyd’s death, and the National Guard has already been mobilized.

An important question in the trial is whether Chauvin caused Floyd’s death and whether his actions were rational.

For a second unintentional murder, prosecutors must prove that Chauvin’s actions were the “substantial cause and effect” of Floyd’s death, and that Chauvin was committing a serious assault at the time. Hmm. In the case of a third-class murder, they must prove that Chauvin’s actions caused Floyd’s death, reckless and unrelated to human life. Manslaughter requires evidence that Chauvin caused Floyd’s death by negligence that created an unreasonable risk.

Following the jury’s instructions, the prosecutor will start with an opening statement, provide a roadmap for the case, and tell the jury what to see in the trial, local lawyer Mike Brant, who is watching the case carefully. Brant said.They outline future plans and highlight key witnesses

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Chauvin’s defense counsel, Eric Nelson, will use the opening statement to push back the prosecutor’s remarks and tell the jury that medical testimony and the use of armed forces experts will give different views. Nelson tried to convince the jury that he was at least partially responsible for his death, and lawyers revealed that Floyd had problems swallowing drugs before his arrest.

A county inspector general’s autopsy pointed out that Floyd’s system contained fentanyl and methamphetamine, but his cause of death was “complexing cardiopulmonary arrest, law enforcement plots, detention, and neck pressure. “.

The prosecutor wants to put an image of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck in the jury’s mind, so he is expected to play the bystander video sooner.

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“It sets the stage for everything that follows,” Brandt said. “No matter what happens after that, we’re done.”

He said the incident would actually be a battle of experts on the permitted use of force and the cause of death, while the video was important.

Kramer agreed that the video would give prosecutors “firepower,” but said it wouldn’t be a place for the case to be contested. He said people knew that Floyd had died, but the key points of the controversy would be why it happened and whether Chauvin acted reasonably at that moment.

“Obviously the result was tragic, but it was a rational action for the officer at the time,” he said.

He said the defense needed only one jury to believe that the prosecutor did not prove their claim beyond reasonable doubt.

Fifteen juries will appear in court on Monday, when the case begins, but Judge Peter Cayhill of Hennepin County said 15 were selected to ensure that 14 were deployed once the trial began. Stated. He is expected to fire the person soon.

Two of the remaining 14 are alternatives, but the court has not disclosed which is the alternative.

According to the court, the 15-member panel includes 9 whites and 6 blacks or multi-ethnics. The jury selection took more than two weeks. The jury was individually asked about his views on police, racial justice issues, and pretrial propaganda of the case.

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On Sunday night, hours before the opening statement began, national civil rights leaders appeared in worship with some of Floyd’s family. Dozens of attendees gathered on the bench of the Greater Friendship Missionary Church, with preachers leading worship, choirs singing, and Floyd’s family members representing Rev. Al Sharpton and the Floyd family’s civil rights lawyers. Ben Clamp has been added. Speakers sought justice for George Floyd’s death, reflecting the words spoken by leaders during a Sunday protest in downtown Minneapolis.

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George Floyd Trial: Derek Chauvin Proceedings Live Broadcast Begins Today in Minnesota

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