Georgia, Kentucky, and Idaho lead the United States in quitting jobs


A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs nationwide. This tendency is called “major resignation.” However, this phenomenon has a significant impact in some areas. In Georgia, Kentucky, and Idaho, more than 4% of workers voluntarily quit their jobs in August. This is the highest percentage in the country.

It’s not a coincidence, these three are one of the lowest wage states in the United States, and the federal government requires an hourly wage of $ 7.25. According to recent federal labor data, states with more generous baseline wages tended to have lower “resignation” rates, or the percentage of workers who submitted resignations.

By comparison, about 1.7% of Washington, DC workers quit their jobs in August, with data showing the lowest resignation rate of all states recorded in August. The country’s capital also has one of the highest minimum wages in the country at $ 15.20 per hour.

Workers are quitting their jobs at record speeds. In the three states of Kentucky, Georgia and Idaho, the proportion of retired workers jumped to more than 4%, compared to 2.9% nationwide.Map: Amy Picki Source: Labor Statistics Bureau

Nationally, nearly 3% of workers submitted their resignations in August — records — the government reported earlier this month. The number of layoffs has increased to 4.3 million, far more than the number of furloughs from employers who cut 1.3 million jobs in the same month.

Several factors may contribute to the increase in smoking cessation rates. On the positive side, it shows that the employment market is strong for workers, offering incentives to change jobs or simply quit their miserable jobs, believing that something better will come soon. But with just one month of data, experts say it’s still unclear whether state-level trends are caused by wages, a mix of industries in the state, or other causes.

“A significant portion of the variability in severance across the country is caused by the types of work being done imbalanced in different parts of the country,” said Nick Bunker, director of economic research at Indeed Hiring Lab. increase. “Therefore, it is difficult to know how much fluctuations are caused by industry fluctuations alone, and how much the labor market conditions are different,” he said.

But Mr. Banker added that wages could play a role. In states with low smoking cessation rates, “more employment in industries with lower turnover rates and higher minimum wages are more likely”.

Fear of COVID-19

Americans still suffer from pandemics and fear of COVID-19 infection. Four out of ten people who quit their jobs worked in the leisure and hospitality industry, such as restaurants, or in retail stores. (The proportion of workers in the hospitality industry in Georgia, Kentucky, and Idaho is about the same as the national proportion.)

At the same time, rising inflation has increased the cost of everything from groceries to housing for workers. Higher invoices may encourage some people to look for higher paid jobs. Others stop starting their own business and lead to a record number of entrepreneurs hanging out on their shingles.

By September, Americans had a record 1.4 million applications to start new businesses that are likely to hire employees, according to an analysis of census data by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG). I submitted it.

Among those entrepreneurs is Nick Former, who was dismissed by a janitor 13 months ago and decided to start Jetstream Clean, a carpet cleaning business along the Alabama-Georgia border. He said his salary has doubled since he started his business.

“If I’m going to have something, I’ll have to create it,” Former told CBS Evening News. “And I will create it with the skills I have and the passion for the work I want to do.”

Georgia, Kentucky, and Idaho lead the United States in quitting jobs

Source link Georgia, Kentucky, and Idaho lead the United States in quitting jobs

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