Germany warns about “escalation” in the case of Covid

The German Ministry of Health said Friday that the country was seeing a surge in coronavirus infections, warning that the situation could worsen as winter approaches.

“The situation is getting worse as the number of infections increases,” Oliver Ewald, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told reporters in Berlin.

This concern arises the day after the German Robert Koch Institute of Health (RKI) stated in a weekly report that the incidence of coronavirus had risen for seven days from the end of September.

The upward trend “has been seen in almost all age groups over the past week, and the increase in case numbers is expected to accelerate further in the fall and winter,” Ewald said.

According to RKI, Germany recorded 19,572 new cases of the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours on Friday, an increase of 70% over a week ago.

Friday’s numbers were the highest since early May, when far fewer Germans were vaccinated with COVID.

The country’s seven-day outbreak has jumped to 95.1 new infections per 100,000 people, the highest level since May.

NS Ministry of Public Health He said the surge in cases has not yet led to a “dynamic increase” in COVID patients in need of intensive care.

German DIVI Intensive care However, the association warned of the latest developments.

Christian Karajannidis, senior expert at DIVI, wrote on Twitter that there is a “very close correlation” between incidence and new COVID admissions.

“The real fourth wave is about to begin and is speeding up,” he tweeted.

Leaders of 16 regional states in Germany are meeting to discuss the next steps in the fight against the pandemic and are expected to continue to implement most of the existing measures.

The RKI of the report called on all citizens, including those who were fully vaccinated and those who had already recovered from COVID, to continue to respect the recommendations. health Guidelines.

These include wearing Face mask, Remove the air from the room, Physical distance Wash your hands regularly.

“Unnecessary close contact should be reduced, especially indoor situations that could lead to so-called superspreading events,” the report added.

More than 66% of Germany’s population, a country of about 83 million people, is currently vaccinated against COVID.

Nearly 70% receive at least the first dose.

Germany urges vaccination.Autumn Warning COVID-19 Surge

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Germany warns about “escalation” in the case of Covid

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