Germany’s COVID rate reaches its highest level since May

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Germany’s seven-day coronavirus incidence reached 100 per 100,000 people for the first time since May on Saturday, following a surge in cases in recent weeks.

After increasing from 68.7 just eight days ago, that number reached 100, Robert Koch health The Institute (RKI) said.

The milestone is the day after the German Ministry of Health warned that “the situation is getting worse.”

“We’ve seen an upward trend in almost all age groups over the past week, and the increase in case numbers is expected to accelerate further in the fall and winter,” said Oliver Ewald, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. ..

Germany recorded 86 new COVID-19 deaths on Saturday, increasing the country’s total casualties to 95,077, official figures said.

In addition, 15,145 new infections were recorded in 24 hours, an increase of 31% over the last 8 days.

The Ministry of Health said Friday that the surge in cases has not yet led to a “dynamic increase” in COVID patients in need of intensive care.

German DIVI Intensive care But the association issued a warning.

Christian Karajannidis, senior expert at DIVI, wrote on Twitter that there is a “very close correlation” between incidence and new COVID admissions.

“The real fourth wave is about to begin and is speeding up,” he tweeted.

More than 66% of Germany’s population, a country of about 83 million people, is vaccinated against COVID.

Almost 70% receive the first dose.

Germany warns about “escalation” in the case of Covid

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Germany’s COVID rate reaches its highest level since May

Source link Germany’s COVID rate reaches its highest level since May

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