Get to know Raging Dion star Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn has made a name for himself in Hollywood by playing a role in several television and film projects, but his recent fame has starred. Netflix’s “Raising Dion” Season 2 — Premiered on February 1st. Chicago natives played the role of Ja’Siah Young’s new BIONA trainer, Tevin, and replaced the young superhero’s old mentor, now enemy Jason Ritter, also known as Crooked Man. increase. His character in the family-friendly superhero series is a departure from the other roles he has taken on to tackle more mature subjects.

Prior to the series, Flynn appeared on the following shows: “How to Get Away with Murder” “Dear White People” And recently “with love.” Some may also recognize him as Chloe’s handsome love interest. “Have Mercy” music video.. In addition to “Raising Dion,” Flynn is now playing the role of Zende Forester Dominguez in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Received the Daytime Emmy Award For the outstanding young actors of the 2018 drama series.

When not busy with set and music work, Flynn is the father of a beautiful 7-year-old daughter named Kimiko. Continue reading for more information on Flynn. Stay tuned for Season 2 of Netflix’s Raising Dion.

Get to know Raging Dion star Rome Flynn

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