Get to know Wild Star Aidan Lapreet

Season 2 of “The Wilds”“Many questions remained, such as what caused a serious drama and what Henry was thinking behind the thick-edged hip star glasses. In the second season, Cess Novak (Alex Fizeran), Kirin O’Connor, etc. Introducing new characters from (Charles Alexander), Rafael Garcia (Zack Calderon), Josh Herbert (Nicholas Combe), Scotty Sims (Lead Shannon), Bo Leonardo (Tanner Luke), Ivan Taylor (Miles Gutierrez Riley), Henry Tanaka, 20-1 year old Aidan Laprete.

At the show, Laprete plays a moody teen with hairy hair. He likes to protect himself (see the headphones he always wears around his neck) and is not afraid to challenge the beliefs of others. During Season 2, tensions between him and his brother-in-law, Seth, increase as complex alliances tear them apart. Away from the camera, La Priet is a talented musician who has performed at festivals nationwide, appeared in music videos, and released his own album — a blend of alternative indie pop and electronic influences.

Raplit played at Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles and opened for artists such as Jack Johnson. The tour dates are scheduled for 2022. Learn more about one of The Wilds’ most mysterious new cast members — and his impressive musical career — from now on.

Get to know Wild Star Aidan Lapreet

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