“Gifts from the Heart” is the Christmas theme of the Biden White House

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“Gifts from the bottom of my heart” is President Joe Biden’s first White House Christmas theme.

First Lady Jill Biden was scheduled to unveil themed decorations on Monday. This is said to have been inspired by the people the couple met when they traveled the country this year.

“Our sacredness unites us and transcends distance, time, and even pandemic constraints: faith, family, and friendship. Love for art, learning, and nature. Thanks. Feelings, Services, and Communities. Unity and Peace, ā€¯Bidens wrote in the 2021 White House Memorial Holiday Guidebook. “These are the gifts that tie the hearts of our lives. These are the heartfelt gifts.”

The decoration includes a giant gingerbread white house celebrating the frontline workers who have survived the coronavirus pandemic, and the official Christmas tree (18-foot-high Fraser fir) is peaceful and united. Celebrate the gift of. The White House said.

As Bidens spends Thanksgiving Week in Nantucket, Massachusetts, more than 100 volunteers have built an executive condominium, including the Oval Office, 41 Christmas trees, about 6,000 feet (2,000 yards) of ribbons, and more than 10,000. I started to decorate with decorations.

Twenty-five garlands are adorned on the north and south sides of the building, with nearly 79,000 lights illuminating Christmas trees, garlands, garlands and other holiday displays.

According to the White House, Jill Biden invited a sophomore class at Malcolm Elementary School in Waldorf, Maryland to help her reveal the decoration. The PBS KIDS characters Martin and Chris Kratt from the program “Wild Kratts” will also participate.

Prior to the PBS puppet show for school children, the First Lady read the 2012 children’s book “Remember, God Blesses Our Army” and thank a team of volunteer decorators.

She also invited local National Guard families to highlight the role the guards played in the US response to COVID-19 and the military families spending their vacation away from their loved ones.

Reporters tour the decorated White House before the official unveiling ceremony.

“When celebrating our first holiday season at the White House, we were inspired by the Americans we met all over the country, reminding us many times that our differences are valuable and our similarities are endless. Let me do it, “Bidens wrote. “We wish you a happy, healthy and enjoyable holiday season. May our heartfelt gifts light the way for us to move forward as we enter the potential New Year.”

On Sunday, Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, marked the beginning of Hanukkah by helping to illuminate the elliptical National Menorah.

Always installed in the Blue Room, the official White House Christmas tree is adorned with peace doves with banners embossed with the names of 50 states and US territories. Jill Biden tweeted a photo of the tree at the beginning of Monday.

The Gingerbread White House, which weighs hundreds of pounds, contains eight detailed replicas of a community building that represents frontline workers.

The White House may have less traffic during this holiday season as public tours remain suspended due to COVID-19, but videos, photos and details about Christmas decorations are available at WhiteHouse.gov/ You can browse it on Holidays.

According to the White House, there are still a variety of interactive viewing experiences available on Instagram, Google Maps Street View, Snapchat, and other platforms throughout the holiday season.

“Gifts from the Heart” is the Christmas theme of the Biden White House

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