Gilly Da King claims that Wiz Khalifa deactivated his Instagram for bullying after joking about Jim’s shorts.

Another joke wasn’t wrong! Million Dora’s Worth of Games Co-host Gilly Da King (formerly Gilly Da Kid) recently joked Wiz Khalifa I’m wearing shorts that look like underwear at the gym. Gilly basically told Wiz that he unfollowed him on Instagram because his daily video was wearing small shorts. At that time, Wiz seemed to respond with indirect video and photo postings. Now Gilly claims that Wiz has disabled his Instagram account in his comments and they are talking about the situation.

Wiz insists on bullying

“He told IG to deactivate your page by saying he was bullying him,” Gilly tweeted Saturday. “Ni $$ a pu $$ y because I was playing desrappers.”

At the time of the tweet, Gillie’s once popular Instagram account (@gillie_da_king) wasn’t available on the platform. Gilly continued to call Wiz in a series of tweets. He retweeted the person who wrote “Wizah * e for that”.Gilly also said he was “playing, but now [smiling devil emoticon, blood drop emoticon].. “

“Dezni $$ az went on the route I was bullied, but now you’re in shorts. [blood drop emoticon]”Gilly tweeted.

He also wrote: [face palm emoticon]I can’t wait to see you [smiling devil emoticon.]”

Gilly’s first joke

If you’re just tapping, let’s see what happened between Gillie and Wiz. Gilly took her to Instagram with a short video directed to Wiz.He tells the artist he loves him and still listens to Wiz’s hits Black and yellow When See you.

“You are a legend, a man. A baby, Pennsylvania. From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, but today I had to unfollow him. Every time I came to my page, you were in your drawer You’re inside. You gave up the action of the strap and the ball, man, “Gilly said. “Every day, guy ?! When I woke up a guy, I couldn’t hit eight balls in the corner pocket every day, so I had to unfollow you. I love you even guys. “

Wiz reacts to jokes

Wiz shared two reactions to Gillie’s comment, but it was later removed. In a short Instagram video with the caption “How Wiz Handles”, Wiz seems to have labeled Gilly as Negative.

“Surely, I’m going to deal with this only once,” Wiz said. “It’s like telling you to get dressed in the gym, or making you uncomfortable and unfollowing. It’s like laughing or saying people in high school. You sound wise and stupid. Everyone is negative and I know what I’m doing negative. See you. “

Wiz also shared a photo of his smile at the gym and captioned it as “not responsible for the child’s trauma.”

From his original account, Gilly commented, “A childhood drama guy put your shorts on Wiz,” with seven laughing emojis, who loved photography.

Gilly and Wiz are supposed to speak

Apparently, Gilly created a backup page after discovering his invalid account. Throughout Saturday, he posted some content, including the tweets shared above and his two videos training with a boxing coach. In his video, ironically, he wears a T-shirt and long trousers.

On Saturday night, Gillie shared another update of the situation through her backup account. He thanked “all support”, including getting 100,000 followers in eight hours. Apparently, he was telling a story he spoke with Wiz to his woman Regina, whom he affectionately calls Tudy.

“You know I’m talking to that very soft and very sensitive swab,” Gilly revealed. “He said,’You hurt my feelings, you hurt my feelings.'” He said, “People were laughing at me Gilly, I don’t like being laughed at.” Said. “I felt like you were defeating another black man,” he said. I was like “n *** why I told you to put some drawers”, “I told you to put some shorts on your drawers” It means “because”. Am I defeating another black man? “

He concluded by saying, “It’s all good,” and he said he couldn’t control it. When he posted the same clip to his Twitter account Gilly insisted The Wiz offered to get his page back after sitting down. But in his words, Gilly’s reaction seems to be “f ** ku and its pages.”

As of Saturday, Wiz has not publicly responded to any of Gilly’s allegations. Instead, he spent the day with poolside and rehearsal videos.

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Gilly Da King claims that Wiz Khalifa deactivated his Instagram for bullying after joking about Jim’s shorts.

Source link Gilly Da King claims that Wiz Khalifa deactivated his Instagram for bullying after joking about Jim’s shorts.

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