Google introduces privacy sandbox on Android

Google has announced that it will bring Privacy sandbox Android with the goal of introducing a new, more private advertising solution. The Privacy Sandbox is an existing initiative by Google to better protect your personal data.

These solutions limit the sharing of user data with third parties and work without cross-app identifiers, including advertising IDs.

Google is also looking for technologies that reduce the chances of secret data collection, such as a more secure way to integrate apps with the advertising SDK.

“The goal of the Android Privacy Sandbox is to develop effective, privacy-enhancing advertising solutions that enable users to recognize that their information is protected and to be successful on mobile. That’s it, “said Anthony Chavez, vice president of product management for Android.Security and privacy Blog post.. “While designing, building and testing these new solutions, we will support existing advertising platform features for at least two years and will provide substantive notifications ahead of future changes.”

The company also makes commitments to privacy sandboxes, such as “Do not give preferential treatment to Google’s advertising products or sites.” We plan to continue these efforts on Android.

Google introduces privacy sandbox on Android

Source link Google introduces privacy sandbox on Android

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