Governor of Nevada: No Masks for Vaccine-Required Events

Large-scale event held in Nevada The governor can add himself to the growing number of US locations on Monday that are required to prove that people in the crowd have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Democracy Governor Steve Perillac Large indoor venues in cities like Las Vegas When Reno If you confirm that your guest is vaccinated, you will be allowed to opt out of the state mask requirements.

“This is state-of-the-art.” There is no other place in the country doing this, “said Sisorak.” Everyone knows that walking in the arena or stadium will get vaccinated. So I think more people will want to go to the event .. “

Venue with a capacity of more than 4,000 people is exempt from tax. Partially vaccinated or non-vaccinated children can attend the opt-in venue, but must remain masked. Sisorak has made it clear that this policy is not mandatory, but voluntary for the venue.

He said he saw pictures of unmasked fans in recent football and football games, and assembled his instructions as an option for event organizers who don’t want to enforce masking obligations.

“This allows the event organizer to require all participants indoors for masks, regardless of vaccination status, or to allow only vaccinated individuals to attend the event, or to be fully vaccinated. You can choose to have the mask removed, “he said.

The move to expand proof of vaccination requirements in one of the country’s entertainment centers has been since officials in New York, San Francisco and New Orleans adopted vaccination proof measures in indoor public spaces, conventions and concert halls. It was a few days later.

For weeks, some large venues in Las Vegas have asked conference and concert attendees to provide proof of vaccination status.

Vegas Golden Knights began using the mobile app CLEAR in May as the 18,000-seat T-Mobile Arena was fully operational for the NHL playoffs. The app also screens participants in a health survey before they enter the venue.

MGM Resorts International, the owner of nine major Las Vegas Strip resorts and conference centers, and Las Vegas Sands, the owner of the Sands Expo Convention Center, adopted the same protocol a few months ago.

In addition to making the event feel safer, Sisorak said the incentive to take off the mask and attend the event would encourage more people to vaccinate.

MGM Resorts, the state’s largest employer, announced separately on Monday that new employees and office workers who are not working from home will need to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 by October 15.

President Joe Biden urged cities to adopt vaccination certification requirements for restaurants and other businesses. Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans called proof of vaccination the best way to protect businesses rather than shut them down.

Unlike cities that have adopted restaurant vaccination certification, Nevada’s new measures are tailored for large-scale events that drive tourism and the state’s economy.

Mr. Sisorak said he has no plans to require restaurants or small venues to certify vaccination measures, but private companies can take action as needed.

Elsewhere, Republican-led states like Florida and Texas have banned so-called “vaccine passports” by governors and lawmakers, and banned businesses from denying service to unvaccinated patrons.

Nevada has gradually adopted stricter measures amid the surge in variant fuels in the summer. Sisolak requires regular weekly tests of unvaccinated out of more than 27,000 civil servants in the state. His proposal to request a vaccine at a public university will be submitted to the state health commission on Friday.

State health officials reported that just under 60% of people over the age of 12 were vaccinated at least once and 49.4% were fully vaccinated. In Las Vegas, the numbers are 60.6% and 48.5%.

Under the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Governor’s order to promptly re-impose indoor mask obligations on July 30 has slowed the surge in coronavirus cases across the state. Health officials said on Friday.


Mets reported from Carson City. He is a corps member of the Associated Press / American Capitol News Initiative Report Report. Report for America is a non-profit national service program that places journalists in the local newsroom to report on unreported issues.

Governor of Nevada: No Masks for Vaccine-Required Events

Source link Governor of Nevada: No Masks for Vaccine-Required Events

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