Grace Geary talks about playing Quinn in Harlem

Of Prime Video Harem When it first premiered in December, it made a big splash — even that Nominated twice for the NAACP Image Awards!!In the waves of Female-led TV show Focusing on sister relationships, Harem I still found a way to resonate with people who have a love for friendship and New York City. However, Grace Buyers did not expect such a positive response from fans so early on.

“There was no way to know for sure,” Buyers, who plays Quinn Joseph, tells POPSUGAR. “But we all felt very strongly about the character’s portrayal, the script, and the credibility of the world created for them. It works like a very synergistic piece and it resonates. I was hoping for that. “

“Unfortunately, the coexistence of multiple black shows in the industry is still unusual.”

In a show like HaremIt’s hard to escape the general comparison with other iconic Black-led shows that rely on the official of the four proven girlfriends (Living single, girl friend, Unsafe, When Run the world). But the original beauty of Prime Video is that you can explore the stories we are familiar with through new characters that haven’t yet appeared on the screen. “Unfortunately, the coexistence of multiple black shows in the industry is still unusual,” says Buyers. “This essentially causes a comparison, but this ideology does not apply to white counterparts or colleagues in the industry as well. The act of comparison cuts off the black experience and we Denies the fact that it is vast, prismatic, and infinite … Our experience cannot and should not be limited to just one depiction or definition. Ultimately. , Harem Not because we are different. And the same applies to all the shows out there. It’s really easy. ”

upon Harem, Buyers plays a fashion designer and is in a desperate romantic struggle to bring out both her business and love life. And while many would think she’s the furthest from her personality, Buyers reveals that her connection with Quinn was somehow destined. “It’s true that Quinn and I are very different, but I share much of her excitement and hope for life and love,” says Buyers. “In fact, it was her abundance that gave me a pause. To date, most of the characters I cast to play were financially privileged and didn’t want to be typecast. I read it for, but I couldn’t escape because I had too much connection with her. Tracy Oliver was holding the handle, so I knew it wasn’t a typecast and immediately seized the opportunity. I jumped in, and I am deeply grateful for what I did. “

Throughout the series, Quinn, like any other adult, runs into her considerable problems. From rocky relationships with her mother to the financial difficulties associated with owning a business, to exploring her sexuality in her thirties (which seems shocking to some). But for Buyers, embodying this character wasn’t just about portraying her struggle. What she liked most about Quinn’s story was that she was free to show her happiness on the screen. This was a new experience for buyers.

“Free participation in Quinn’s joy made me feel weird and refreshing, and I realized how much I needed to sit to make my room.”

“I liked to portray Quinn’s joy. In a sense, it was catharsis for me as soon as my moment of joy came, I tended to push them away to focus on the next problem. “The buyers reveal. “But free participation in Quinn’s joy made me feel weird and exhilarating, and I realized that I had to sit down and make a room for myself. What’s the takeaway for me? Even that we cannot know. The whole story, spirit, or struggle of people. Opening up space for each other’s journey without comparison or judgment gives us access to elegance and comfort. “

Quinn’s journey at the show has just begun.When and when the series gets Renewal in the second season, Buyers want to see Harem Delve deeper into the newly realized identities of her own character, as well as the identities of others in the show. “Each character in Season 1 has an enthusiastic search for identity,” says Byers. “In Season 2, we want to see how it’s done for them to discover different aspects of their identity and they own these new realizations. Who do they choose? Will it be Sean for Quinn?Robert Ri’chard) Or Isabella (Juani Feliz)? Have she and her mother ever looked at each other? I would like to explore all those areas. “

Grace Geary talks about playing Quinn in Harlem

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