Grace Kaufman and Josephine Decker on the Sky are everywhere

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Apple TV +of “The sky is everywhere” Sensitively show a teenage love story that blooms in times of sadness. This movie, which debuted on February 11, Jandy Nelson’s best-selling novel Of the same name. Written by Nelson and directed by Josephine Decker, the film follows 17-year-old Renee Walker (Grace Kaufman) dealing with a tragic event. Loss of her sister, Bailey (Havana Rose Liu). A few months after her sister died, Lenny soon fell in love with Joe Fontaine (Jack Collimon). With her high school new heartbeat, she feels romantic while dealing with her conflicting charms with her sister’s devastated boyfriend, Toby (Pico Alexander).

“… Read her journey and learn more about her, I really fell in love with her completely.”

Only 19 years old, Kaufman directs the adaptation of the film in her first major feature film role. This is an opportunity for her to break her nerves and describe it as both “she desperately wanted to participate.” “I was a little disappointed at first because I knew I would lead the whole project. I felt a little pressure and shoulder weight,” she tells POPSUGAR. Kaufman’s greatest attraction was the story itself. Specifically, how friendly her eccentric character is. “I really sympathized with Lenny. When we were in the middle of a pandemic and I just read and discovered her journey and I felt very confused and isolated, I Was reading a script about a teenage girl as a teenage girl. I would like to know more about her, but I really fell in love with her completely, “she says.

Like Lenny, Kaufman also experienced a loss in her life, so she knows. What is it like to deal with mourning?.. “She liked how relevant her story was, so she found it really natural and easy to fall into her shoes,” Kaufman adds. “Sadness and loss, first love, and teenagers, just trying to find themselves. All of this is what everyone experiences as a human being.”

“Grief is such a complicated feeling that I don’t know how it really affects you, so it’s really cool to see Lenny’s journey.”

The movie finds a delicate balance between love and loss. However, Decker states that finding the right tone for these two themes was a big challenge. In the movie, Lenny goes through a stage of sadness with all her friends and family. She goes back and forth between sadness and anger while she tries to sort out her feelings for Joe. For Kaufman, Lenny’s reaction is part of the teenager’s daily life and is worth exploring gracefully. “She’s a teenage girl here and there, but she accepts it,” Kaufman adds. “And I love the movie exploring it completely. You can feel this roller coaster she’s riding … Sadness is how it really affects you It feels so complicated that you don’t know. “

Image source: Apple

“The Sky Is Everywhere” delves into Lenny’s vibrant imagination and devotes himself to the playful magical realism woven throughout the film. Decker wanted to explore him as a break from the psychological films he had done in the past. “One of the things that attracted me [about the script] Are you in Lenny’s heart? “Decker tells us. “This movie has a lot of imagination … I like movies that are subjective and free in that sense. So it was a pleasure to bring them to life. That was probably one of the most exciting things I’ve done. Yes, Jandy wrote at these magical moments .. .. I think they give things this credibility and a kind of tactile atmosphere, so we actually have a lot of Trying to be effective and actually trying to make the world this extension of Lenny’s emotional state. “

Decker points out how the movie goes through a very “troublesome process” and hopes that viewers watching the movie will find “comfort or dating on their journey of loss” and be able to equate it to some extent with Lenny. is. Kaufman also wants a young woman to be able to see herself concretely through the transparency of her character.

“I hope this movie can hold a bit of that sadness and give up some space for comfort and affirmation.”

“The Sky Is Everywhere” is a moving story that pauses and reassesses how sadness was dealt with in the past and how it will be dealt with in the future. But more than that, the film emphasizes the need for the community in an era of loss and shows how loving one another can help begin the healing process. “I think everyone is sad to some extent about what they have lost in the last few years,” says Decker. “Even if I haven’t lost my loved one, I think many have lost the many relationships, communities, and experiences that would have been in the absence of this pandemic. So we have a shared grief. I think it’s the country now, and I hope this movie can hold a bit of that sadness and give up some kind of comfort and affirmation space. “

“The Sky Is Everywhere” is now available for streaming on Apple TV +.

Grace Kaufman and Josephine Decker on the Sky are everywhere

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