“Great resignation” gives employees an edge in job hunting

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According to Florida Atlantic University talent experts, employees may have all the power in today’s employment market, but finding a job is still a grind that must be managed properly.

U.S. workers quit them jobs At a rate of 2.9% in August, it is the highest level of record dating back to 2000. The COVID-19 pandemic has created what some economists call a “great resignation.” Money, flexibility, satisfaction.

“There are many optimistic views, but the reality is Looking for a job “It’s a process with many setbacks and difficulties. People are easily frustrated and give up when faced with these hurdles,” said Dr. Michael B. Harari, an associate professor of management programs at FAU’s Business College.

According to Harari, who teaches, successful job hunting involves a consistent effort and a focused approach. Human resources Management courses and research on talent acquisition and employability.

“In a way, treat it like a job,” he said. “For example, calendar every Monday and Thursday from 9am to 10am to work on job hunting.”

“But don’t apply for everything,” he added. “Find the right job to make a good impression on your future employer.”

Surveys from employers consistently show what employers are looking for candidate Someone who has the knowledge and skills to get the job done, good interpersonal skills, and the willingness to work hard.

For work seek If successful, the candidate will find himself in front of his employer, but now that many job interviews are taking place, it could be a new experience for some. Mr. says.

For example, eye contact in a virtual interview means looking at the camera on your computer, not the person on the screen.

“It takes some practice and getting used to,” he said.

Employers, on the other hand, need to adapt to determined changes in the employment market. In today’s applicant-led situation, managing a candidate’s experience is more important than ever, Harari said, while the organization has the upper hand when there is a workforce surplus.

According to Harari, employers need to be aware of the candidate’s time, be polite and polite, return to the candidate in a timely manner, and treat the candidate fairly.

“The study is very clear,” Harari said. “If the candidate’s experience is properly managed, the candidate is more likely to accept the job when offered, less likely to drop out of the applicant pool, recommending friends to: There are other ways to benefit the applicant pool. Apply for a job at your organization. “

Finally, according to Harari, it would be wise for both candidates and employers to recognize that the current climate may be only temporary.

“Currently, things are very good for job seekers, but the rules haven’t changed forever,” he said. “This is something that declines and flows over time.”

Surveys show the benefits of employees taking control of themselves

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“Great resignation” gives employees an edge in job hunting

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