Guy Tory talks about Fat Tuesday’s cultural implications

If you don’t know about Fat Tuesday, it’s time to know it. Founder Guy Torry brought “Food to Hollywood” every Tuesday night at the Sunset Boulevard comedy store. Black audience.. Creating Fat Tuesday 1992 LA riot, Provides space for comedians to become political or use comedy as a form of escape.Now that moment of history is documented Amazon Prime Video In the series “Fat Tuesday” Featuring some of today’s biggest comedians. POPSUGAR tells Tory, director of Fat Tuesday, Reginald Hudlin, guest comedians Kym Whitley and DeRay Davis, how Fat Tuesday’s cultural influences and racial trauma receive comedy to black viewers. We talked about how it affects or how the Tuesday night show became the ultimate comedian. ..

“We didn’t apologize for everything we did, not just comedy, but music, fashion, movies, television, and so on.”

“We didn’t apologize for everything we did, not just comedy, but music, fashion, movies, television, and it’s the same as we all get together and talk about whatever happens. I think, “says the rise of Tory Black, who feels comfortable feeling rude about himself. “I was relieved because there was a president at that time. [Bill] Clinton. .. .. He was with us. So it allowed us to be that way, tell our story and be ourselves. “The difference is that more than ever, the people who create the culture can also benefit from it,” Hadlin adds.

Black comedians were able to thrive in a comedy club-like space, as shown in the Amazon Prime four-part documentary. But that doesn’t mean there was some resistance. The episode delves into the notion that a black audience is some of the toughest critics of comedians. Steve Harvey White audiences even say they tend to give A for effort, but losing a black audience is difficult to recover. Hadrin piggybacked on the documentary debate, saying, “We’re tough. Can we really sing?” Because there were really good people in my church. I got a really interesting cousin. So you really need to be right. That’s why it makes so much sense to beat us. “If you are good enough to respect you, we will ride and die for you, but you have to win it,” he explains. .. Whitley adds, “You need to be better …. it will make you better. Let’s say that.”

“So I love the black audience … Blacks are trying to tell you if you are funny.”

Torry explains that some clubs across the United States, which have a predominantly black audience, have built a reputation that comedians need to go to really know if their material is good. “So I love the black audience … Black tells you if you’re funny, and there’s a line in the documentary that explains it. She” wants to know if I’m really funny. ” Said, and the black audience will let you know if you are interesting. ”

The black audience is not a harsh critic just because of its thrill. The baseline of our interesting things has become stricter because we haven’t been able to do carefree things for years. “Black people who haven’t had anything for a long time are very difficult to please,” says Davis. “Even within ourselves, we are rarely completely satisfied without getting something extra. Even if you pay for food and get all the food, they Throw extra french fries there, you’re a little happier for you I think “this is for me”. “

He continues: “When you appear in a comedy club, you say,” You should make me laugh. I went through hell and high water. I didn’t want to come here. I didn’t want to come here. I spent this money on these jeans, these clothes, these drinks are expensive. “It’s better to be interesting because I feel it’s thanks to us in a way. I don’t feel that way when there are a lot of other people. Unless we’re doing very well, sometimes we really want to take care of it, even if we don’t. So I think those audiences are pulling it out. And once we find the rhythm, the sound, the music of the comedy, the orchestra that the audience wants to hear, now we “re-drill the ditch.”

Torry adds: [laugh] Most often, we go through most things. So we get to laugh, but you need to get that laugh from our black audience. After all, Fat Tuesday is a favorite place for comedians Chris TuckerCedric the Entertainer, Tiffany Haddish, Bob Saget, And fine-tuned their crafts. “Fat Tuesdays” will air on Amazon Prime Video on February 4th.

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Guy Tory talks about Fat Tuesday’s cultural implications

Source link Guy Tory talks about Fat Tuesday’s cultural implications

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