Haiti’s wife, Marin Moise, who was murdered, said:

The murdered wife of President Haiti @nytimes Her husband, former President of Haiti, elaborated on what happened # Jovenel Moïse, Was assassinated on July 7th.

In the interview # Martine Moïse The murderer said she thought she was dead. “When they left, they thought I was dead,” she said.

Martine also said that when he first heard the shot, he woke up the children and told them to hide in the bathroom.

She continued to say that the murderer saw only boots before shooting her husband. “The only thing I saw before they killed him was their boots. Then I closed my eyes and saw nothing else.

Martine also remembered a man looking for something at home. She heard them say. That’s not the case, “Martine said. She also finally found what the man was looking for and said, “That’s it.”

As previously reported, two suspected Haitian-Americans were arrested in connection with the assassination of the Haitian president, along with a group of allegedly retired members of the Colombian army.

James Solage and Joseph Vincent of Florida Violent killing of President Jovenel MoiseShot at home before dawn on Wednesday, Associated Press Report.

Haitian National Police Secretary Leon Charles said that in addition to 17 detentions, three other suspects were killed by police and eight were on the run, allegedly involved in the assassination of Moise. The total number of people is 28.

“We’re going to bring them to trial,” he said, when 17 suspects were sitting handcuffed on the floor at a press conference on Thursday night.

Haiti’s wife, Marin Moise, who was murdered, said:

Source link Haiti’s wife, Marin Moise, who was murdered, said:

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