Halle Bailey “Hrs and Hrs” Muni Long Cover | Video

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Muni Long’s chart top R & B single “Hrs and Hrs”“It has steadily become one of 2022’s new favorite songs. Halle Bailey’s latest Instagram cover proves that we are not alone. A few verses of Wednesday’s song. Her Sit in front of the phone, Bailey casually released her inner divaDelivers the angelic treble of her signature and tells a sultry story in every poem.

“When you do / I am empowered / You give me a superpower / The world together may take hours,” she sings, closes her eyes and melody. I sank into and captured the emotions behind each lyrics. In Storm Reid’s words, Bailey showed a major “talent.”

After making a round on TikTok and recording over 7.5 million views on YouTube, “Hrs and Hrs” created a sensation overnight on Long, formerly known as Priscilla Renea. As Renea, the singer-songwriter wrote songs for artists such as: Rihanna, Ariana Grande, When Mariah Carey.. She stepped into the country music scene, released an album named Melrose, and then debuted eight R & B albums. Affection, 2021.

Good news? If you’re as crazy about “Hrs and Hrs” as we are, there’s more to hear from Long. Bad news? I don’t know when her next album will be released. However, Bailey’s cover and the original version of “Hrs and Hrs” will play repeatedly until more details are available. See for yourself here Bailey’s magnificent cover.

Halle Bailey “Hrs and Hrs” Muni Long Cover | Video

Source link Halle Bailey “Hrs and Hrs” Muni Long Cover | Video

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