Halle Berry jokes about past support for “Catwoman” after receiving Twitter praise

There is no doubt that Halle Berry has Blessed movie fans There are several classics over the years. Who can forget the award-winning performance of the cultural hit “Monsters Ball”? However, not all Halle movies have struck a chord with fans. In fact, the movie “Catwoman” definitely polluted her resume when it first dropped 17 years ago. However, Halle’s sense of humor for the film seems to remain fresh. Earlier today, she made a carefree reaction to praise her role in action thriller.

“Sorry, Halle Berry ate her” Catwoman “role. Why ppl hates the movie, it’s camping. I love it, “writes a Twitter user.

Given that she wasn’t mentioned directly, I don’t know how our good Sith found the tweet. Still, Halle responded in an instant when humor and history were intertwined.

“Everyone sees all the love of’Catwoman’,” Halle replied in a tweet. “Where were you 17 years ago?”

She closed the comment with a laughing emoji. This clearly shows that people are joking about leaving her in the dust when the movie falls.

As you may know, Warner Bros. tapped Halle to play the role of Patience Phillips. Patience works as a shy graphic design artist at a major cosmetics company. One day she discovers a plan to sell a defective beauty product, and the story reveals that she will be Catwoman.

Halle’s 2002 “Starring Actress Award” Oscar barely distorted the fierce criticism she received for “Catwoman.” To date, the film holds a 9% tomato meter rating and an 18% viewer score on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the site, critic consensus is that “Halle Berry is the only glorious spot, but even she can’t save this funny action thriller.”

And the bad reviews didn’t stop right away. That same year, Halle won the “Worst Actress” Raspberry Award for her role in the film. As some of you may not know, the Razzie Awards are an annual satirical ceremony that “celebrates” the worst performances and projects of the year for each person.

At the 2005 ceremony, she thanked Warner Bros. in her acceptance speech, “for putting me in this fragmentary, divinely terrible film.”

Then and now she handled the repulsion with elegance and humor — we see you hare!

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Halle Berry jokes about past support for “Catwoman” after receiving Twitter praise

Source link Halle Berry jokes about past support for “Catwoman” after receiving Twitter praise

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