Happy Birthday to “Queen” Britney Spears by Sam Asgari

Sam Asgari Must be lovingly burst at the seam Britney Spears He posted his fiancée’s birthday message a day earlier, so it’s the highest level of heartwarming. On December 1st, Sam praised Britney for love and wrote a short but moving message on Instagram, along with a photo of the pair kissing. “I call you Lioness because I admire your relentless strength, I am inspired by your beautiful heart, I celebrate your smile illuminating my world ❤️,” he writes. rice field. “”[Every day] Your birthday is my queen 👑 Happy 1st birthday of my wife 🥳. “

In his Instagram story, Sam presented Britney with a B-shaped three-layer cake covered with red and pink roses and macaroons. “What a hell! Thank you very much,” Britney said with a laugh when Sam serenade her with a “Happy Birthday” production. “Baby this is hot. This is very nice.” On her own Instagram account, Britney shared more videos of herself and Sam laughing.

It’s worth noting that she called him her “fiancé” before Sam was excited to call Britney his “wife.” Instagram posts shared on the same day..So chance is that Sam is eager to tie a knot later Announcement of engagement in September, And we can’t wait to see all the sweet pictures of the big day. See Britney’s reaction to Sam’s compassionate birthday gesture.

Happy Birthday to “Queen” Britney Spears by Sam Asgari

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