Harness Releases Security Testing Orchestration

Harness Security Test Orchestration (STO) is launching today, improving the speed and security of deployments to help businesses deliver value faster. This tool automates security scanning and governance in the software delivery process.

DevSecOps removes many late-stage security concerns, but forces developers to balance quality and speed in delivering functionality. According to Harness, running multiple security his scanners, processing large amounts of disparate data, and identifying, prioritizing, and remediating security vulnerabilities often slows down release speeds.

The Harness STO module is fully integrated into the Harness Software Delivery Platform for fast delivery of secure applications. This tool automates scanning, analysis, and prioritization that slows engineering teams down.

Harness processes the scanner output to make it easy for engineers to modify, enabling both high application security and high delivery speed. The tool integrates with open source and commercial security scanners and can be used with Harness CI/CD and his other CI/CD tools.

“As more organizations adopt a cloud-native approach, they must take steps to secure their SDLC. Harness STO enables your entire organization to adopt a DevSecOps approach. No need to be home, no delay in deployment, Harness STO makes security a team sport by infusing it into every aspect of the SDLC.

Additional details are available here.

Harness Releases Security Testing Orchestration

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