He runs for the US Senate in 2022

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – On Monday after life-size deputy governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, a 6-foot-8 bald and tattooed man, ran for the U.S. Senate and launched an exploratory funding campaign that raised over $ 1 million last month. I will announce it.

This is the second bid for the US Senate by a frank 51-year-old Democrat. He may eventually see competition with Congressmen for the nomination of a party that could be the most competitive Senate election in the United States in 2022.

On the Republican side, on the other hand, there are many names on the market, including those from the former Trump administration. Another possibility is Jeff Baltos, a real estate investor on the outskirts of Philadelphia. He began running for the US Senate before becoming an opponent of Vice-Governor Fetterman in 2018.


Senators on the presidential battlefield have remained vacant after second-term Republican US Senator Pat Toomey announced in October that he would never run again.

Fetterman is Pennsylvania’s most famous name in politics and shows an interest in running. He set up an election office in 2006 as the mayor of the poor Bradock, a small iron town just outside Pittsburgh, where three-quarters of the population are black.

It was there that Harvard-educated Fetterman became like a street fighter for progressive values ​​and a minor media star for his work.

“What I bring is a 20-year record of consistency in accepting the same major issues that Democrats have come to accept,” Fetterman said in a recent interview.

In 2010, he was arrested for refusing to leave the headquarters of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in protest of the closure of Bradock’s hospital. This is the cause of widespread problems with inequality and lack of access to health care.


He then held a same-sex marriage ceremony at home before the federal judge’s decision was legalized in Pennsylvania.

He is a veteran of two state-wide campaigns, including a defeat in the Democratic primary in the 2016 Senate election, and has always been a guest on cable news programs, following a huge amount of social media.

On television and on Twitter, he bravely took on Trump and attacked the falsehood that Trump and the Republicans had elected fraud after the November elections.

In addition to the party’s foundational issues, he enthusiastically supports the legalization of marijuana, saying that the war against “plants” is meaningless and unproductive, disproportionately imposing criminal records on blacks. I’m criticizing.

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He runs for the US Senate in 2022

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