Heatwave recorded the warmest June in North America

The heat waves forced people to evacuate to such a cooling station in Portland, Oregon.

The European Union’s climate monitoring service said Wednesday that it was showing the effects of global warming, saying last month was the hottest June in North America and was hit by a raging heat wave in parts of the region. I reported.

From the southwestern part of the United States to the northwestern part of Canada, the heat wave was record-breaking. Record every day temperature It broke in British Columbia for 3 consecutive days.

According to the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), the region was 1.2 ° C (34.2 ° F) above the June 1991-2020 average.

“These heat waves do not occur in a vacuum. They are more likely to occur because they occur in a warming global climate,” said Julian, a C3S climate scientist. Nicholas said.

Globally, June 2021 will join the same month as June, the fourth warmest month in 2018.

June was the second warmest year in Europe, but summer temperatures were also very high in northern Siberia.

Nicholas already well understands that heat waves occur more frequently, are more intense, and last longer than before in AFP.

“The heat waves we saw last month in North America, western Russia and northern Siberia are projected to continue and are just the latest example of a trend linked to global warming,” he said.

Threat to life

According to a report from C3S, the affected areas also had unusually dry soil, and both wildfires and heat were “threatening to life.”

Dozens of fires have recently broke out in various parts of Canada, fueled by deadly things. heat wave The crater is dry.

“What happened in Canada was a huge leap forward compared to previous records,” said Carlo Buontempo, director of C3S.

“These hot records are a strong reminder of the impact. climate Change can affect our lives. “

The Paris Agreement of 2015 requires that global temperature rise be limited to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius, preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Human activity is promoting Earth temperature So far, it has risen about 1.1 degrees Celsius, causing increasingly intense storms, extreme heat waves, droughts and wildfires.

In May, the World Meteorological Organization and the Met Office said it was 40% likely that the world’s average annual temperature would temporarily exceed pre-industrial temperatures by 1.5 degrees Celsius within the next five years.

The last six years, including 2020, have been the warmest six years on record.

Moscow melts in the historic June heat wave

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Heatwave recorded the warmest June in North America

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