Heisman Trophy Watchlist 2020

The wild college football season is nearing its end. In other words, the Heisman Trophy race is approaching the center stage.

This year’s Hyesman will be presented to the best college football players and will be a virtual ceremony from ESPN’s studio in Bristol, Connecticut on January 5, 2021. Voting will take place on 14 December, voting will end on 21 December, and finalists will be published on ESPN on 24 December at 7:30 pm EST.

With one week left in the regular college football season, here are some notable names for the Heisman Trophy race:

1. Mac Jones, QB, Alabama, Junior

McJones cruised with a 55-17 victory over Alabama’s LSU, throwing 385 yards and four touchdowns with a 20-28 pass. He has played 3,113 yards, 27 touchdowns and 3 intercepts in 9 games. Previous rank: 1

next: Saturday Arkansas vs.

2. Kyle Trusk, QB, Florida, Senior

Kyle Trusk threw 433 yards and four touchdowns, second only to Danny Wuerffel with the most passed score in Florida history. There was also a 32-yard punt against Tennessee at 31-19 by the Gators. He threw 3,243 yards, 38 touchdowns and 3 passcuts in 9 games. Previous rank: 2

next: Saturday’s LSU vs.

3. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson, Junior

Trevor Lawrence did little in the air against Virginia Tech (195 yards, one touchdown, one intercept), but ran two touchdowns with a 45-10 victory. .. Overall, the most likely NFL draft in April was 2,431 yards, 20 touchdowns and 3 intercepts, with 6 touchdowns in 8 games. Previous rank: 3

next: December 19th ACC Championship Game vs Notre Dame.

4. Justin Fields, QB, Ohio, Junior

After not looking at the field since November 21, Justin Fields shook off the rust, threw 199 yards and two touchdowns, rushed 104 yards and another two scores, and Michigan State University at Ohio State University. It was done on the 52-12 route. He has only played five games this season, but has thrown 1,407 yards, 13 touchdowns, three intercepts and rushed to 239 yards and five touchdowns. Previous rank: N / A

next: Saturday Michigan vs.

5. DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama, Senior

Devonta Smith was Mac Jones’ favorite target throughout the season and played against LSU on Saturday. Smith joins Amari Cooper as the only player in school history in multiple games with at least 200 yards and three touchdowns, with eight passes of 231 yards and three touchdowns (including one-handed jumping). I did. He has made 80 catches and 15 touchdowns at 1,305 yards in 9 games. Previous rank: N / A

next: Saturday Arkansas vs.

6. Nagy Harris, RB, Alabama, Senior

Nagy Harris ran 145 yards and had three touchdowns to the LSU with 21 carries. He has 1,038 rush yards and 20 touchdowns this season and is one of four players to record 40 rush touchdowns in Alabama’s history (Mark Ingram, Derrick Henry, Shaun Alexander and others). is). However, since 2000, only three Heisman Trophy winners have been awarded: Henry (2015), Ingram (2009), and USC Reggie Bush (2005). Previous rank: N / A

next: Saturday Arkansas vs.

7. Ian Book, QB, Notre Dame, Senior

The Ian Book is one of the key keys to Notre Dame’s undefeated season so far. Seniors made a total of five touchdowns (three passes and two rushes), throwing 285 yards and rushing 53 times with a 45-21 victory over Fighting Irish Syracuse. The book passed 2,382 yards, 15 touchdowns and 2 intercepts, and rushed to 465 yards and 8 touchdowns. Previous rank: N / A

next: December 19th ACC Championship Game vs. Clemson.

8. Zach Wilson, QB, BYU, Junior

Zach Wilson encountered BYU losing to Coastal Carolina 22-17 (a game put together on Thursday after CCU’s first opponent Liberty broke out at COVID-19). Junior threw 240 yards, one touchdown (season low), and the third intercept of the season. He has 2,964 passyards, 27 pass touchdowns and 8 rush scores in 10 games. Previous rank: 4

next: Saturday against San Diego.

Heisman Trophy Watchlist 2020

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