Help your child develop with Disney movies

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Are you worried that your child may be getting too much screen time during the COVID-19 pandemic? How many times can you see “Frozen”? After all, animated films can serve as a valuable tool for parents and counselors to improve communication with their children on difficult issues.

Disney movies, for example, combine entertainment with life lessons about love, friendship, good and evil, death and loss, and family importance. A study from the University of Houston’s Graduate School of Social Welfare shows that talking together on these important issues can enhance a child’s cognitive and behavioral development. Children’s and adolescent social work journal..

Researchers analyzed 155 feature-length animated Disney films released between 1937 and 2020 and found that the majority did not focus on the entire family unit. 63% did not mention the hero’s biological parent in the story, perhaps leaving some Children I wonder why their parents aren’t there to help. According to a survey, parents have become particularly prominent in Disney movies over the last decade.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of the film shared a message about loving themselves and others, and 27% focused on moral and social values.

“Based on the examples generated from these films, parents could hear potential questions that children might ask if they are suffering from the situation their children face. “, Said Monit Cheung, a professor donated by Mary R. Lewis of children and adolescents and the lead author of the study. “Disney films can also teach children about the unfair situation of society and the acceptance of race, ethnicity, religion, culture and other differences.”

This study provides a table of Disney films and their themes to help parents determine the most relevant films based on their child’s developmental age and the problems they face.

Cheung was attended by co-author Yu-Ju Huang, a UH PhD student, and Carol A. Leung, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Welfare, International Pacific University, Azusa.

“When we think about the impact on social work, Disney doesn’t really discuss in detail the deaths of families such as parents and siblings, so parents have room to discuss this with their children,” the dispute said. The scene between Scar and Mufasa in “The Lion King” as an example of discussing the meaning of death and sadness. “You can also have these characters participate in therapy sessions as conversation starters to help them understand these concepts. It’s also a way for kids to connect with social workers and build trust. “

Researchers describe today’s Disney films as more diverse families and point out that they can lead to better understanding and respect for cultural differences. The concept of love in Disney movies has also evolved.

“Early Disney films focused on inner love Romantic relationshipBut recent films like “Frozen” focus on the power of love between family and siblings, “fans explained. parents Or not only brothers, but also relationships with friends and people in their lives. Disney movies can be used as a resource to open parent-child conversations, nourish children’s minds, and broaden their horizons in life. ”

Disney and Pixar movies offer parents the opportunity to discuss end-of-life with their children

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Monit Cheung et al, Disney’s Animated Feature Film Absent Parents: What Are Children Watching? Children’s and adolescent social work journal (2021). DOI: 10.1007 / s10560-021-00799-0

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Help your child develop with Disney movies

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