Here are some of the most sought after suspects in SWFL. November 3rd

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This weekly WINK news segment features fugitives from justice here in southwestern Florida.

This is your chance to help the community and give you tips on how to get these people out of the street. You need to find these suspects – and you can help. If you see them, please contact the crime stopper or your local law enforcement agency. Call 1-800-780-TIPS (8477).

Here are the three fugitives that crime stoppers in southwestern Florida wanted.

Ever Martinez Chilinos

Ever Martinez Chilinos (DOB 4/22/94) – In Lee County, an order to revoke pre-trial supervision of household batteries due to strangulation and a warrant in case of failure to appear in court due to poor battery charging were required.

According to the victims, Chirinos was an unwelcome guest at the late-night party. As soon as he walked on the premises, he unleashed a violent tilade, hitting two men and two women on his face and injuring all four.

Some of the party attendees knew who Chirinos was, but they didn’t know why he sent him to that level of violence. He eventually left the party on foot, but was arrested by law enforcement agencies just a few blocks away.

He was finally released on bail after spending only one day in Lee County Jail, but a few weeks ago the judge canceled the release and is now returning him to his cell.

He was last known to live in the Lehi Acres for £ 5’7 “, £ 140.

Brian Lindsey

Brian Lindsey (DOB 2/7/71) – In Lee County, an order to revoke pre-trial supervision of drunk driving causes personal / property damage, resists police officers, leaves the scene of a collision, intentionally and recklessly I wanted to drive.

The detective says he was drunk and warlike at a local restaurant when Lindsey was asked to leave. Lindsey got into a car, drove at high speeds on impaired roads, hit a parked car, and couldn’t get past the curb any further. When the police approached him, he finished drinking a bottle of liquor in his car. It was his last action before being cuffed and taken to jail for the collection of drunk driving-related charges.

After all, Lindsey has a history of drunk driving and has been convicted three times in the past. To date, he has previously been booked seven times for massive theft, resisting with a license that has been suspended since 2004, and driving repeatedly.

He is a registered convicted serious offender, 6 feet 1 inch, 230 pounds, and is known to last live in the Northwest Cape Coral. And when he is arrested, he is detained without being detained.

Louis Trasatti

Louis Trasatti (DOB 3/5/87) – In Lee County, I wanted you to violate probation – manslaughter due to negligence. His current allegations stem from an incident in which he was holding the handle of a stimulant when he beat and killed a cyclist.

He was eventually detained in Lee County Jail for about a year and convicted and imprisoned for four years. He was released on probationary conditions that he violated last week. He has 15 reservations on his wrap sheet for additional charges for possession of weapons by theft, drugs, and convicted serious offenders.

He is known to belong to a gang for 5’11 “, £ 168. He was last known to live in Central Fort Myers and was wanted last week for the 10 Most Wanted Crime Stoppers. Added to the list.

If you have any tips on the whereabouts of these wanted suspects, please contact a crime stopper in southwestern Florida. All callers remain anonymous and are eligible to receive cash rewards of up to $ 3,000.

Crime Stopper in Southwest Florida
1-800-780-TIPS (8477) or

Here are some of the most sought after suspects in SWFL. November 3rd

Source link Here are some of the most sought after suspects in SWFL. November 3rd

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