High levels of toxic chemicals found in Canadian nail salons

Jackie Liang works at a nail salon in Toronto. Credits: Giovana Ramos and Praven Yoganathan

A recent study at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with the Parkdale Queen West Community Heath Center and the Healthy Nail Salon Network, exposes discount salon nail technicians to several chemicals that are widely used as plasticizers and flame retardants. Is shown.

The study will be published in the journal on February 14th. Environmental science and technologyFound exposure to some Dangerous chemicals Nail technicians were higher than e-waste workers.

Co-author and professor Miriam Diamond said: At the University of Toronto, Faculty of Earth Sciences.

This study reported higher exposures to some phthalate plasticizers that were expected to consider the use of these chemicals in personal care products. Low levels of DEHP, one of the phthalate-based plasticizers not permitted for cosmetic use under Canadian Environmental Protection Act, have been discovered. “It’s important to discover that the exposure to the plasticizer DEHP is low, which shows that the current regulations for this compound are working,” says Diamond.

But what was unexpected was the discovery of high levels of flame retardants that were not known to be used in personal care products.

Some of the chemicals studied have some restrictions (or proposed restrictions) on their use under Canadian Environmental Protection Act. However, most of these chemicals are not explicitly regulated in the Ontario workplace. The specific source of these chemicals in the nail salon has not been determined in this study.

These chemicals Adverse health effects There is some evidence that intrauterine exposure may be important, including neurological and reproductive effects.

Victoria Alandale, co-author and associate professor at the University of Toronto at Dalla, said: Lana School of Public Health.

Despite these concerns, manicurists are artistry Personal care Accompanied by their work.

“This survey is ours Federal government Care must be taken to make the products used in nail salons safer for both customers and nail technicians. “Vantlan, a nail technician and nail salon outreach worker at the Parkdale Queen West Community Health Center, said.

This study points out that a wide range of work environments need to be considered when regulating. Chemistry Use in Canada.Research authors urge governments and product manufacturers to be more secure Personal care products A safer space for workers and customers in the personal services sector.

This study was a collaborative effort by researchers at the University of Toronto, the Center for Occupational Disease Research, the Center for Occupational Disease Research Experts, and the Parkdale Queen West Community Health Center.The purpose of the survey was to better understand the dangers of the workplace at discounted prices. nail salon.

Manicures labeled “n-free” do not necessarily contain toxic compounds.

Quote: High levels of dangerous chemicals found at the Canadian Nail Salon (February 14, 2022) https: // Obtained from February 14, 2022

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High levels of toxic chemicals found in Canadian nail salons

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