Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office confirms investigation of Tampa Bay’s Olympus spool

Sheriff’s Office at Tampa Bay — Hillsboro says it is investigating five fraudulent complaints filed by Olympus spool customers over an unfinished pool project in the backyard.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and the Pork County Sheriff’s Office confirmed earlier this month that they were investigating similar allegations.

The company’s owner, James Staten, told Team I investigator Jackie Caraway: Just because someone reports or talks doesn’t mean it’s true. “

Team I found hundreds of unfinished pools throughout the Tampa Bay area. Some of those customers say they have been waiting for a year.

Staten has blamed COVID supply chain issues and the surge in pool sales during the pandemic. “The situation that occurred during the pandemic doubled in size at the cost of a 20-30% increase,” he said.

Staten says he is working on completing a project that was delayed by the pandemic. However, some customers complain that they still can’t get an answer about their work, and others complain to their homes by subcontractors who claim that Olympus isn’t paying them for the work. He says he is facing the raised Lien.

Mark Marie is one of those customers. According to the document, he paid the full amount for a nearly complete pool of $ 64,000. But this week, the subcontractor submitted a $ 3,500 lien to Marie’s house. He said Olympus didn’t pay.

“I called the company a couple of times a day, but no one answered,” Marie said.

“We’ve contacted the subcontractors at least half a dozen times over the last few days to resolve the issue,” Staten said.

In addition to legal issues, Olympus is currently facing a $ 1.1 million lawsuit in Pasco County. SCP Distributors LLC, the country’s largest pool supplier, says the company owe them money to supply.

Staten says he paid SCP $ 150,000 last month to catch up. The proceedings allege that Staten was to pay $ 191,000 for five months starting April 16 and eventually pay $ 188,325.10.

SCP lawyers told Jackie that he chose to take Olympus to court rather than file a proceeding against individual homeowners.

Dozens of projects have progressed in the last two weeks, and more than 15 pools have undergone final inspections in the last 10 days, Staten said. This is the pace at which he decided to continue. “I’m going to complete all these pools,” Staten said.

Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office confirms investigation of Tampa Bay’s Olympus spool

Source link Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office confirms investigation of Tampa Bay’s Olympus spool

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