Hip Hop at the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Hip-hop became the center Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, Snoop dogg, Eminem, Dr. DreWhen 50 cents Everything made history together. Not only were six performers on stage for the first time in the Super Bowl half-time history, but only five were originally asked to perform, but the headline of the full lineup of hip-hop is the headline of the show. It was also the first time for me to become.

As a fan, it was unrealistic to see this genre conducting the legend, gaining national attention and receiving a lot of praise. To be honest, hip hop was worthy of this moment. It has been postponed for a long time. From the nostalgic West Coast hits that blew up SoFi Stadium to the field of dancers choreographed on live TV, it’s hell to see hip-hop consumed in front of such a wide audience. It was so exciting and scary.Hip hop America’s largest genre, But it is not regularly observed on platforms as large as the Super Bowl.So, frankly, it’s dangerous, as hip-hop was. Commercialization This year’s Super Bowl has been cleaned up and exposed to misunderstandings, criticisms and censorship from “outsiders.”that is Part of history It has been synonymous with this genre since its inception.

Hip-hop has blossomed this year, but was hip-hop really celebrated with it all?

The NFL has surprisingly allowed a full-fledged hip-hop celebration this half-time. But in a way, the new willingness to put this genre on the pedestal only this year felt like a PR-led attempt to correct past mistakes (ie,). Black Ball Colin Kaepernick When Punish the player to protest). You will be wondering, especially about the real intentions behind this kind of show that happened in 2022. Set global trends It dates back to the 80’s. Hip-hop has blossomed this year, but was hip-hop really celebrated with it all?

As expected, like Dr. Dre, the league did a halftime show with a short rope. Confirmed by TMZ Some “minor” changes have been made. Regarding Lamar, who skipped the opening of “If Pirus and Crips all worked” from “mA Adcity”, Dr. Dre said, “They had a problem with it and had to get rid of it. No .. ”Also, it is not noticed that Lamar did not quote all the lyrics from“ Orai ”. Dr. Dre later made up for it by wrapping his “I don’t love you yet”, but edited his “and we hate po-po” line “Still Dre” “Police” lyrics and Eminem Kneeling In honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite the adjustments made, the spectacular performance still achieved its goal. Hip-hop proved to be an important part of American culture and worthy of salute. Even if many don’t understand the scale of this year’s show, people of culture know that they need to break that glass ceiling for future rap artists. History “20 years from now.

There is no doubt that everyone was worried about the halftime show, except for the Super Bowl game. However, there are still obvious elephants in the room that need to be dealt with. It’s the performer himself. I have to admit that praising people like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem on such a large platform with a problematic track record is jarring. Dr. Dre has a well-known history of abusing women, R & B singer Michelle When Journalist Dee BarnesEminem’s music has a long way to go Threatening violent violence against women; When Proceedings against Snoop Dogg Allegations of sexual assault and assault were filed within a week.Unfortunately for Brige, she is sandwiched between this lineup while she has herself. Experienced abuse..

If that’s not your top priority, you can’t expect the NFL to handle hip-hop carefully.

Looking at the big picture here, it’s strange that the NFL felt it needed to monitor the content of the halftime show rather than being interested in a platform suspected of being abused.However, the response is League sky attempt To deal with abuse between own players. So it’s no wonder that certain parts of hip-hop were adopted for halftime shows and others were ignored. If the league wanted to monitor the performance itself, it should have extended the same courtesy to its headliner. But if that’s not your top priority, you can’t expect the NFL to handle hip-hop carefully. We should have thought more to choose an artist who will always be memorable at the forefront of this historic milestone.

Halftime shows have a lot of fun, but the excitement is socially challenging and often controversial in hip-hop. What do you do next?

Hip Hop at the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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