Homecoming Held for US Navy Surgeon General in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida – General Bruce Gillingham, a US Navy surgeon who visited the Gateway Vaccination Clinic on Thursday morning, returned home.

Gillingham was amputated 10 years ago as commander of the Navy Hospital in Jacksonville. He began to observe the need for collaboration between agencies, work done, and additional support.

“I think the compelling theme was the right cooperation,” Gillingham said. “It’s a great internal teamwork. In addition to providing this benefit to the community, I think it will be a great benefit in increasing confidence and confidence in the role the military can provide in an emergency.”

Gillingham said he had heard concerns about the rapid development of the vaccine, but said that vaccine development has actually been going on for more than a decade.

“The community is that the vaccines offered here are very safe and the best defenses available against the virus, and the CDC and FDA will solve Johnson & Johnson’s problems and follow their guidance. I think you need to know, “Gillingham said.


“It’s a very safe vaccine available and they should take advantage of it,” he said.

Gillingham said the Pentagon is working together to actively vaccinate all military forces.

“We really see the vaccine as a biological bulletproof vest. We never send troops into hostile situations without protection. In this case, it’s the best protection against the virus,” Gillingham said. ..

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Homecoming Held for US Navy Surgeon General in Jacksonville

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