Hook crater in the highlands of southern Mars

Chaotic mounds, wind carved ripples, dust devil trails: This image shows a fascinating, extra-worldly landscape near the Hook Crater in the highlands of southern Mars.

This image was taken by the CaSSIS camera onboard the ESA / Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) on February 1, 2021, and is part of the Argyle Plain centered on 46.2 ° S / 318.3 ° E. Shows the part.

This type of landscape resembles “chaotic terrain.” A type of broken, destroyed terrain found throughout Mars, an unplanned group of rocks of various sizes and shapes, including irregular knobs, conical mounds, ridges, and flat summit hills called mesas. Are gathered. , Often surrounded by dents. About 30 areas of chaotic terrain are defined on Mars (see ESA Mars Express views of Ariadnes Colles, Pyrrhae Regio, and Iani Chaos for just a few samples). This little patch isn’t defined as one of these, but its appearance is certainly chaotic.

Perhaps the most striking feature here is the faint meandering tendrils that stretch throughout the frame. These dark traces of past activity Dust devilA whirlwind of dust on both Mars and Earth as warm air rapidly rises to cold air. These demons leave marks on the surface of the planet as they move through dusty landscapes. The tracks here appear to be north-south, indicating possible local wind patterns.

Bluish tint Dust The devil’s trajectory displayed here is the result of three filters combined to create this image.It ’s not representative of what the observer saw, Naked eyeThese filters produce color infrared images that are more sensitive to changes in surface mineralogy.

TGO arrived on Mars in 2016 and launched a full scientific mission in 2018. The spacecraft not only returns such a magnificent image, but also provides the highest inventory of planetary atmospheric gas ever, mapping the surface of the planet to water-rich locations. Upon arrival on Mars in 2023, it will also provide data relay services to the second ExoMars mission, which consists of Rosalind Franklin Rover and the Kazachok platform.

Quote: Image: Hook Crater (February 11, 2022) in the highlands of southern Mars is from https: // 2022 2 I got the 11th of the month.

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Hook crater in the highlands of southern Mars

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