House speaker Nancy Pelosi leads the delegation to Kieu and Poland.Pledge to support the United States

U.S. Parliamentary delegation, led by Speaker of the House Warsaw-Nancy Pelosi, Poland, praised the courage of the Ukrainian people in a statement during their visit to Poland to meet with President Volodimur Zelensky the day after a surprise trip to Kieu.

US MPs evaluated Ukraine’s needs for the next phase of the war, and Pelosi vowed to stand with Ukraine until Washington defeated Russia.

Pelosi is the Democratic Party of California after the Vice President and the highest-ranking American member of the United States to visit Ukraine since the war in Russia began more than two months ago. Her previously unannounced visit came a few days after Moscow bombed the Ukrainian capital while the UN Secretary-General was there.

Pelosi and half a dozen US lawmakers met Zelensky and his top aide for three hours late Saturday to gain a direct appreciation for the war effort so far.

Members of the delegation praised Ukraine’s defenses so far, regarded the fight against evil as good, and provided long-term support for the U.S. military, humanitarian and economic, he told reporters in Poland on Sunday. Guaranteed to continue.

“We were proud to convey to him a message of unity from the US Congress, a message of appreciation from the American people for his leadership, and a message of praise for the courage of the Ukrainian people,” Pelosi said. Told.

Their visit came two days after US President Joe Biden demanded $ 33 billion from Congress to intensify the fight against Russia in Ukraine.

As the war entered its third month, this measure was designed to inform Russian President Vladimir Putin that US weapons and other forms of support would not go away.

“This is the time to allow us to support democracy or allow dictatorship to rule the day,” said Gregory Meeks, a Democrat in Queens, New York.

“This is a struggle for freedom against tyranny,” said California Democrat Adam Schiff. “And in that struggle, Ukraine is at the forefront.”

Colorado Democrat Jason Crow, a veteran and member of the House Intelligence and Armed Services Commission, said he came to Ukraine in three key areas: weapons, weapons, and weapons.

“We need to make sure that Ukrainians have what they need to win. What we have seen in the last two months is their ferociousness, intense pride, ability to fight, and so on. It is the ability to win if there is support to do it. “”

“The United States is participating in this to win, and we will stand with Ukraine until the victory wins,” he added.

The full delegation of Parliament included Meeks, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Schiff chairs the House Intelligence Committee. Jim McGovern, Massachusetts, chairs the House Rules Committee. Crow, Barbara Lee, California. Bill Keating, Massachusetts.

“You are welcome,” Zelensky told the delegation, according to a video of the encounter released by his office.

Pelosi told Zelensky: “We believe we are visiting you to thank you for the fight for freedom.”

“We are at the forefront of freedom. Your fight is for everyone. Our commitment is to be there for you until the end of the fight,” Pelosi added. rice field.

The delegation continued its journey to southeastern Poland, with members later visiting the capital Warsaw to meet with President Andrzej Duda and other senior officials. Since Russia began the war on February 24, Poland has accepted more than 3 million refugees from Ukraine.

“We look forward to gratitude for the dedication and humanitarian efforts of our allies in Poland,” Pelosi said.

At a press conference in Poland, Pelosi said she and others on the delegation praised the courage of the Ukrainians. She added that the delegation brought Zelensky “a message of appreciation from the Americans for his leadership.”

Witness news reporter Josh Einiger, who visited Poland this week, asked Pelosi about the threat from Putin that US involvement could be seen as a provocation.

“If they’re threatening, don’t be bullied by the bully-you can’t retreat,” Pelosi said. “We are there for the fight, and you can’t fold into a bully.”

Mr McGovern said the war in Russia has had far more impact than Ukraine, exacerbating the dire food crisis for the poor around the world.

“Putin’s brutal war is no longer just a war against the Ukrainian people,” McGovern said. “It is also a war with the most vulnerable people in the world.”

He added that Ukraine is the “breadbasket of the world.”

“I don’t think Putin will starve the world,” McGovern said.

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House speaker Nancy Pelosi leads the delegation to Kieu and Poland.Pledge to support the United States

Source link House speaker Nancy Pelosi leads the delegation to Kieu and Poland.Pledge to support the United States

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