How and why automation improves the security of network devices

NS Recent T-Mobile data breaches, Reportedly promoted by an attacker Access an unprotected router And entering the network from there could have been prevented by using network automation.

IDS, IPS, SASE, and other new technologies are getting more attention, but automation is important for modern network security. Let’s see how automation should be used to enhance network security.

Healthy network device security practices

Effective network operations depend on people, processes, and technology triads. You need the right people with the right skills and the ability to do effective work, good policies and processes, and the right technology to make it happen. Automation is a technology that allows you to build repeatable processes to validate and enforce network policies.

By automating the process of device detection and configuration verification, you can enhance good network security by preventing devices and configurations from accidentally leaving security holes open. In other words, the goal of automation is to ensure that network policies are applied consistently throughout the network. Forgotten and unsecured routers can be exploited by malicious attackers.

When each device on the network is discovered, the automation system downloads its configuration and matches it with the configuration rules that implement the network policy. These policies range from simple non-security related policies such as device naming criteria to important security policies such as authentication controls and access control lists. Automation systems help deploy and maintain configurations that reflect policies.

(There is one policy that is not reflected in the device configuration. Minimize network design variability. For example, a branch office network deployment is a single network that includes details such as device hardware, operating system, and interfaces. Specified by design. This approach greatly simplifies automation and facilitates good network security.

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How and why automation improves the security of network devices

Source link How and why automation improves the security of network devices

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