How can I open up my teens more?

Having trouble talking to your teenager? Getting you to open up about what’s going on in their life may mean staying up late talking to them.

Here’s what we know.

who said of washington post It has been suggested that teenagers may be more willing to talk if parents put them to bed in the middle of the night.

research in Wiley Online Library Relationships between parents and adolescents may help promote better mental health in adolescents, suggesting that “reductions in delinquency, apart from sociodemographic control, are associated with family routines, parental supervision, and completely mediated by parental support.”

Why do teenagers open at night? Lauren Curwin, a psychologist of teenagers and young adults, says that part of the reason teenagers open up at night is that their biological changes and developmental stages make them want to stay up late. I explained that there is. your teen magazine.

“At puberty, kids become night owls,” says Curwin. “Their circadian rhythms are regulated and they don’t get sleepy until late at night.”

nature pedic Adolescents also reported that they may crave bedtime conversations because conversations can give them more thoughts, as opposed to too much mental work during the day.

Usage: Written by psychologist Lisa D’Amour Washington Post Parents who are open to nighttime chats can help build stronger relationships that can prevent mental health problems.

“As a psychologist who cares for teenagers and their families, and as a teenage mother myself, I watch my children sit quietly over dinner and hairy every time they are questioned. Come night.”, Damour Said.

vegetableTourpedic Additionally, less clutter reported that parents could really focus on what their child was saying, providing thoughtful insight and giving teens more time to think about the conversation.

“They can go home and feel at home, relax and be themselves. No more social pressure,” says Curwin. Said“This helps them open up both verbally and emotionally.”

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