How do online casinos approach customer retention?

Creating a solid customer base is essential, which entails attracting new clients and retaining the old ones. This is difficult for many businesses; they don’t know that keeping loyal customers costs less than attracting new ones by a considerable percentage.

Growing your customer base requires you to continually twitch your products and service to always be on top of the competition. Get direct feedback from the customers to know what they exactly want.

Customer Retention

Customer retention refers to the number of customers loyal to your business for a certain period. Checking your customer base increase and decrease is vital as monitoring your sales revenue. The greater the number of loyal customers, the higher the revenue. 65% of business sales are proven to come from previous customers.

While retention in gambling sites can retain registered players, online gambling is a profitable business; that’s why there is a list of recommended online casino sites. There is chief competition in each site to get and retain players, so there is a need for an approach to entice their players.

There are strategies that gambling sites use to keep their customers, which include:

Excellent customer service

Each customer will stop using a product if it does not satisfy them with customer service. Online casinos take customer service seriously because players have a lot at stake when gambling for real money, and they look forward to value in exchange for their playing.

When depositing or signing up, players inquire from the support team to resolve their issues. When the support team cannot resolve issues about the withdrawals, it can be a fatal turnoff to the player.

Satisfying customer service leaves a player with a good impression. If a player is looking for a magnificent casino experience, they will have reason to stick around or visit again. Gambling sites increase the lifetime of a player by doing‌:

  • Warm, friendly, and professional response. They portray expert knowledge on online casino matters.
  • They resolve issues promptly.
  • These sites are available 24/7 in live chats, so players’ issues are resolved as they arise.
  • They have personalised customer treatment by calling their names, making them feel significant.

Constant promotions and bonuses

These sites have a way to entice the players with bonuses and promotions. No one can say no to the bonus; they attract new clients and retain old ones through bonuses. A survey shows that 91% of customers will shop when a brand offers them. They have many bonuses, and below are a few.

  • Reload bonus– you get a bonus once you recharge a certain percentage. For example, deposit $100 and get an extra $50 to play with.
  • Cashback—even after losing, it assures you the offer will pay back a percentage of what you have lost.
  • A loyalty scheme is a continuous casino program where players earn points while advancing in level. Each new level has cash bonuses or free spins.
  • The VIP program is for high rollers who spend vast amounts of money. VIP gets special treatment like free event tickets and many more.
  • Tournaments—tournaments benefit interactive gameplay that motivates top players to win cash prizes.

User-friendly sites and mobile apps

Attractive websites and apps give players a simple time when accessing. The mobile apps enable gaming anytime, and since everyone has a smartphone, you can access online casinos in the comfort of your office more frequently than before.

These I-Gaming sites also have reduced load times, making them more accessible. 53% of visitors will leave a site that takes over 3 seconds to load, so their sites strive to get quick loading times.


Players are concerned about the security of their money and personal information. A secure site will increase players retention since players will feel safe playing on it. Players are looking for reputable casino-licensed sites to protect their members’ interests.

The sites implement 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption to keep gamblers’ information discreet. This is a robust measure, and most sites will let their players know the security they use and display an SSL certificate for all their customers to see.


The online casino strives to retain its players compared to other industries; their sophisticated approach toward customer retention, like bonuses and cashback, has yielded loyal customers. You need to know customers’ behavioural analysis.

You need to know why players join the casino and what would prompt them to stay or leave. Pinpoint factors influencing customer retention and improving them to be on top of the game.


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