How Florida Residents Would Pay for a Republican War with Disney Over “Don’t Say Gay”

Efforts by Florida Republican Party and Governor Ron DeSantis cancel Disney worldDecades of governing agreements have forced local governments to raise taxes on thousands of residents in neighboring counties who are forced to bear hundreds of millions of dollars in Disney debt, according to local authorities. You may be forced to.

The state legislature, controlled by the state’s Republican Party, may quickly approve the bill during a special legislative session to abolish the governing structure of the company’s vast theme park facilities in 2023. Passed the state legislature on April 20th.

Florida officials have warned of the dissolution of the Reedy Creek Development Area. Walt Disney Company In the 1960s, he negotiated with Florida legislators to effectively create their own taxation and government districts for parks and resorts in the Orlando area. It imposes high property taxes on Florida residents and may terminate the employment of hundreds of local government workers. Company opposition to what critics call the “not gay” law.

“Why do we put our knees on the mouse’s neck?” Said State Senator Janet Cruz. “It’s nothing but blackmail. It’s nothing but bullying.”

The details of the dissolve are still ambiguous Legal analyst And a member of the Diet Invoice confirmation Voters living in the district argue that they are likely to have the final say on whether to move forward.

Republican Senator Jennifer Bradley, who sponsored the bill, said the bill will begin the process of “exercising these very appropriate oversight functions,” although the future details of Reedy Creek are unknown. Stated.

“We have a year,” she said on Wednesday. “We guarantee that we have a local government involved and a legislature involved to prevent the parade of horror described.”

The Reedy Creek Improvement DistrictImplemented in 1967, it acts as the governing structure for Disney World’s facilities at Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, spanning 39 square miles and straddling Orange County and Osceola County.

Within the governing body, Disney can effectively manage its own land use and zoning rules and operate its own public services such as water, sanitation, emergency services and infrastructure maintenance.

Because Disney is the district’s primary landowner, the company primarily bears all costs of services for local governments under the jurisdiction of the county and local governments, including taxpayers who live within that neighborhood. Substantially reduce the burden from the county. And place it in one of the largest companies in the world.

Virtually Disney will tax itself to draft district bills for all the needs of its local government. Without that arrangement, another government would have to provide them. In exchange, these governments will collect the huge amount the company is currently paying from Disney’s tax revenues.

This also means that taxpayers may be obsessed with infrastructure projects like road construction that Disney is currently paying.

According to Scotland Ruff, a tax collector in Orange County, the district raises about $ 105 million in general revenue annually.

“With the Reedy Creek gone, we’re running out of the $ 105 million we’ve raised to run the service.” According to Randolph.. “Because it is an independent tax district, we do not just move to Orange County, but Orange County inherits all debt and obligations without additional funding.”

According to Democratic State Senator Gary Farmer, households in Orange and Oceana counties could face a $ 2,200 property tax claim to handle their debt.

Senators feared that Florida taxpayers would take over Disney’s debt and sought to amend the bill to give them time to investigate its implications.

According to the latest financial reports, the district has long-term debt of over $ 977 million.

“This is not a guess. It’s a Florida law that requires 1.7 million people to receive the bill,” Senator Farmer said on Tuesday. “This is” shoot first and ask later. ” “

Democratic Senator Victor Torres also noted that if the district disappeared, the fate of about 400 firefighters and emergency care workers, as well as other district personnel within Reedy Creek, was unclear.

“No one discussed these changes and the financial responsibilities that the county must assume,” he said Wednesday.

Florida Republican Randy Fine on the left has introduced measures to terminate Disney World’s autonomy agreement.


For years, Florida’s legislators and governors’ offices have built close ties with Disney, the state’s largest private employer, with only about 80,000 theme park workers.

Disney is also a political heavyweight, sending several lobbyists to Tallahassee for legislative meetings, and tens of thousands through its many organizations to Democratic and Republican lawmakers every election cycle to promote its business. I’m spending dollars.

Election fund record Was reviewed by Independent It turns out that Disney’s entity has donated thousands of dollars to the re-election campaign for its major sponsors. Parental rights in education lawAnd despite the company’s history, the governor’s 2022 re-election campaign at least $ 50,000 LGBT+ Advocacy.

After pressured openly against the bill between LGBT + supporters and Disney employees, CEO Bob Chapek said the company was against the bill. Stop political contributions in the state.

measures, Signed the law on March 28Teaching “sexual orientation or gender identity” from kindergarten to third grade, and “age-incompatible or developmentally inadequate” discussions in other grades are prohibited.

Widely written law – subject Federal proceedings According to opponents, alleging violations of federal anti-discrimination law is in classrooms involving LGBT + people and problems, from civil rights history lessons to discussions with LGBT + students, school staff, and their families. May freeze your speech.

Governor DeSantis and members of his administration then blamed the company and ignited a feud escalated to the Republican threat of punishing operations in the state.

In a statement, Disney said the bill “never should have been passed and should not have been signed.”

“Our goal as a company is that this law be abolished by the legislature or withdrawn by the courts, and we support national and state organizations working to achieve it. I promise to continue, “the company signed a bill that the governor said on March 28.

2 days later Florida Rep. Spencer Roach called the company’s “awakened ideology” about a modified local government agreement that could affect Disney when a group of state legislators met at least twice. He said he had discussed retaliation for things.

This week, Governor DeSantis expanded the scope of the special legislative assembly on the state’s constituency change plan, also considering “the end of all special districts enacted in Florida before 1968.”

Introduced by Republican Rep. Randy Fine on April 19 House Building 3C, “Special Independence District” bill. Companion major, Senate Bill 4CIntroduced in the State Senate.

“Disney is a guest in Florida.” Fine said on Twitter.. “Today we remind them.”

The Disney World monorail is a photo under construction in 1971.


The governor and his administration claimed that the deal was intended to thwart the “special privileges” of large corporations in the state, but his latest campaign funding message to advertise the end of Reedy Creek. Is a gay bill that shows Disney’s “awakened” opposition to the so-called “Don’t Say.”

“Disney thought they were in control of Florida,” said an email from his campaign on April 19. “They even tried to attack me to advance the awakened agenda. Now my parents are watching Disney about what it is. And now it’s time to get back into the hands of the Florida people and wake up. It’s time to regain power from the executive pockets. “

“It’s like parents limiting their children.” Agree to change your behavior by saying “clean up, apologize, and sorry for your behavior, and you’ll change your behavior.” I’ll get the phone back, “Democratic State Senator Loranne Ausley said Wednesday.

“By voting for something today proposed yesterday, we are insulting the injury. We are literally chasing the private company that created our state because the governor is in a position of opposition. “She said.

Democrat Carlos Smith was the first openly LGBT + member in the state legislature, and Republican state legislators “pulled the floor covering from under all these workers and businesses, central Florida. We actually pulled the rug out of our economy. The business had the courage to support the LGBTQ community. “

“That’s about this,” he said.

Orange County overseer Phil Diamond said Orlando News 6 This measure could “significantly impact Orange County and Orange County taxpayers.”

A statement by Mayor of Orange County, Jerry Demings, through a government spokesman: Independent The county says it will wait for final legislative action before providing further comments.

Osceola County Spokesperson Independent The county also says it is monitoring the law.

Independent We are seeking comments from Disney and Reedy Creek board members. The district’s next board meeting will take place on April 27.

How Florida Residents Would Pay for a Republican War with Disney Over “Don’t Say Gay”

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